z-emotion presents the first digital NFT mod on CYPHRLY

Seoul, South Korea, November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — z-emotion, a provider of real-time 3D fashion design and modeling technologies, has partnered with Lambda256 to unveil its first digital fashion NFT. Z-emotion has announced that it will be releasing its first set of exclusive digital fashion NFTs based on the popular Ghost Soul Society (GSS) intellectual property on CYPHRLY. CYPHRLY is a global NFT Lambda256 marketplace that offers authentic digital collectibles with physical merit and data-driven features.

GSS is characterized by ghost characters with dark and creepy features that reflect their true inner selves. Beginning with the initial release in November, 10,031 PFPs will be enhanced with CYPHRLY’s own Digital Fashion and Digital Pair technology, available to holders. GSS NFTs will soon be traded on the CYPHRLY marketplace.

“NFT digital fashion creates new revenue opportunities when brands or content creators use their intellectual property to create digital products and interact with customers,” he said. Dongsu Khan, CEO of Z-Emotion. “NFTs have great value when they are still associated with physical benefits, and we are thrilled to partner with CYPHRLY to enable levels of creativity from the real and virtual worlds, allowing consumers to have both digital and physical ownership of these products.”

“With z-emotion, CYPHRLY will produce advanced digital fashion and expand into physical features,” he said. Jay Park, CEO of Lambda256. “CYPHRLY users can easily purchase NFTs through simple registration and payment processes after registering on the CYPHRLY website. Not only new projects, but also existing projects can enter the CYPHRLY market to attract the attention of more than web3 users.”

About z-emotion

z-emotion is driving the development of the digital fashion industry with its 3D fashion design tool and real-time clothing modeling technology. With a core computer graphics algorithm, z-emotion is a one-stop 3D digital fashion solution that includes virtual styles, digital showrooms, and NFTs. z-emotion has partnered with Nike, LG Electronics, SK Telecom and many other leading brands. Learn more at

About Lambda256 and CYPHRLY

Lambda256 is the technology division of Dunamu, a Decacorn blockchain company. South Korea operates the largest exchange of digital assets Upbit. Lambda256 operates blockchain cloud services platform Luniverse, which offers a comprehensive portfolio including one-stop NFT solution, CYPHRLY. CYPHRLY partners with intellectual property owners, artists and brands to help them expand their value in a Web3 world where fans can actively connect together in the DAO community. Learn more at


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