What genre of GameFi should you play?

What genre of GameFi should you play?

Blockchain games come in all shapes and sizes. Contrary to popular belief, GameFi no longer simply includes the classic “play to earn” genre, but has evolved and branched out into many different genres of blockchain games.

Some of these genres borrow terms from web2, such as RPG (role-playing games) and MOBA (massive online battle arena), while some are the result of blockchain technology, such as Move-to-earn and Play-to-earn.

Each genre serves a specific preference that caters to a specific demographic of gamers. Often the type of games players immerse themselves in is synonymous with the lifestyle they currently lead. Therefore, it is vital to determine the right type of game for their lifestyle before spending money and time on a game. Let’s take a look at a few types of GameFi genres that might suit your lifestyle.

M2E games allow gamers to earn in-game tokens by going for a simple run or doing certain challenging exercises. Drawing inspiration from previous huge success Pokemon Gothis genre is very suitable for people who lead a very active lifestyle.

Blockchain technology provides monetary incentives for physical exercise, which makes this genre very attractive to users. It tracks your movements or the number of miles traveled, which determines the amount of your rewards. Using GPS technology implemented in smartphones, whether you are walking your dog or doing chores in a food delivery service, you will be rewarded for covering the distance.

Credits: Solana Daly

M2E has different approaches to game mechanics and design. Per Genopets, players are given Genopet, a Pokémon-like creature that is an NFT, for free. As you train, your Genopet levels up, earning XP.

So the more time you spend running, the more your NFT creature will improve, allowing you to earn more game tokens. Meanwhile, in M2E games such as STEPplayers must first purchase NFT shoes that track their movements, earning you $GST per minute.

Blockchain MMORPGs add an exciting cash twist to a long-established genre. This genre is primarily enjoyed by players who love to customize their character, find fun in the fantasy worlds around them, and progress through levels killing a lot of creatures.

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Mir4 thrives on numerous clans and communities.

If you are the type of player who enjoys playing levels with classic characters like Warrior, Archer, Mage and Healer, try games like World4 should be on your GameFi list. It’s also great for players who don’t have much time, as they can implement an auto-battle system that allows their character to progress through levels while the player is doing other things.

The experience of the clan system from web2 is upgraded to a higher degree thanks to the integrated web3 money system. AT world4, clans hold monthly battles to determine who will receive the most rewards on the server. Clans are even implementing a wage system in their teams and alliances to keep good relations with each other.

Shooting games in GameFi are simple in design. The focus is on how enjoyable the shooting mechanics are. Although many of them are available on mobile devices, blockchain shooters such as EV.IO offer a hassle-free registration process as the game is easily accessible in a normal web browser.

EV.IO draws inspiration from traditional arena shooters such as Earthquake. Fast and fun serious shooting death match against many other players. Meanwhile, Meta Operations as well as Earth from another sun draw inspiration from classics such as Call of Duty and from Halo series especially with how they handle PvP firefights.

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The design ranges from a futuristic metaverse world to a cyberpunk urban landscape designed to please most shooter fans. The earning mechanics are relatively simple in most blockchain shooters. Players often earn tokens by completing challenges and simply by playing the game. Some shooters have implemented a loot box system that encourages players to spend in-game currency.

The genre is perfect for players who want to keep the monetary aspect to a minimum and prefer to focus on the game mechanics.

Social sandbox games such as Sandbox great for players who prefer to explore the worlds created by other users, while at the same time satisfying their creative needs by creating worlds that other players can explore themselves.

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Sandbox x Atari

Drawing clear inspiration from classics such as RobloxSandbox web3 games are often synonymous with the term Metaverse due to the genre’s ability to create immersive worlds that fit any brand. New exciting worlds are added to the genre every week, and a new celebrity or major brand wants to place their products and services in the metaverse.

The genre offers players the best way to relax and socialize. Web2’s sandbox games have led to the formation of many online friendships, so it’s not unbelievable to expect the same from its web3 sibling. What’s more, virtual real estate is a hot topic in this genre, as major conglomerates and famous celebrities have been involved in the “metaverse land grab” in recent years.

Much like its brother web2, blockchain card games offer a fun yet challenging gameplay where players can fight one-on-one card battles to determine who is the best.

Collecting cards has been an enjoyable pastime since before the advent of blockchain. But when combined with blockchain technology, your favorite rare card can now become an NFT. This means that cards in web3 act as financial assets that not only give you an edge in the game, but can now make you a profit, and you can move them around multiple exchanges, increasing their liquidity.

gameplay key image
Gameplay TCG

Blockchain card games have attracted many users over the years. AT Gods set free the total amount of assets sold by the game’s users is estimated to exceed $52 million. Drawing inspiration from web2 card games such as Home, they retain the complex gameplay and strategy building that makes the genre so appealing in the first place. The exchange of digital cards is, first of all, an additional bonus of the metagame in the game.

So, if you are into developing complex strategies such as deck building and mana management, then Shards, Gods Unleashed, Berserkand much more await gamers who like to think outside the box.

There are many genres to discover in web games, so I hope you enjoy one genre that suits your lifestyle. If you are active, Jump and Earn is perfect for you, however, if you prefer to focus on the gameplay, then Shooter Web3 is for you.

As with traditional games, different genres offer users different pieces of the gaming pie. However, it is important to recognize that it is often important to exercise caution before spending funds on your favorite blockchain game. Be it DeFi or GameFi, DYOR is still very applicable in any web3 scenario.

It’s also important to note that we’re still in the early days of GameFi. The list I’ve provided now may not even touch the surface of GameFi in the future. As I write this article, developers are suggesting new ways in which blockchain technology can improve the gaming experience by improving and adding game features that can shift the storytelling towards web3 games.

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