What do The Apes’ Marketplace and Pre-made NFT Marketplace from Blockchain App Factory have in common?

What do The Apes' Marketplace and Pre-made NFT Marketplace from Blockchain App Factory have in common?

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ApeDAO’s recent voting decision to choose an NFT trading platform has resulted in an unexpected choice that makes sense when thought through carefully. Here’s another.

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADHU, INDIA, Nov. 25, 2022 / — ApeCoin DAO, the community behind Yuga Labs’ famous NFT ape PFP collections, recently decided to create an NFT marketplace for themselves through voting. It is important to note that the other candidates in the referendum were OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace, and Magic Eden, a prominent platform on the Solana network.

Instead, the Monkeys, as members of the community are known, chose an independent solution provider to create a dedicated NFT marketplace to head into the NFT space. While choosing between OpenSea and Magic Eden may seem like a smart choice in the short term, this stunning choice has many benefits that will pay off in the long run.

Why would The Apes use a dedicated platform provider?

In the context of the latest Ape NFT market, its supplier is a startup offering Whitelabel NFT platforms similar to those from Blockchain App Factory, a pioneer in such solutions. Speaking of Whitelabel solutions, it should be remembered that these platforms are developed and tested in advance, have a raw design with the possibility of modification.

Also, the community can easily set the rules for such a platform. In the case of Yuga Labs’ newest idea, the provider offered to charge lower sales fees and Web3 solutions for storing NFT order books, eliminating any degree of process centralization.

But why create a separate NFT market?

As far as the Ape community is concerned, creating an exclusive NFT marketplace was an absolute must. Remember that Yuga Labs is now more than just Bored Ape PFP NFTs as the firm began exploring the metaverse with The Other Side and native token ApeCoin ($APE) with a market cap in excess of a billion dollars.

In addition, his collection of NFTs has been expanded with other monkey-themed NFTs such as Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Serums, and Bored Ape Kennel Club. In general, the monkey community has become a world of its own, requiring the creation of a separate NFT market.

Similarly, a business with a full Web3 presence may choose to operate its own NFT market to maintain exclusivity and assert itself in a wider space. Such a move could also provide a great opportunity for businesses not to be dependent on marketplace providers and possibly be part of the setbacks if they happen on those platforms.

They can also integrate them as part of their overall software cluster, allowing them to move from marketplace to metaverse games or apps in a few clicks. In addition, the freedom to incorporate new features can be achieved with a purpose-built NFT marketplace, which may not be possible when partnering with existing market businesses.

Wait, were we talking about NFT Whitelabel marketplaces? We have done!

You may remember how The Apes chose the Whitelabel NFT marketplace provider as well as the name Blockchain Application Factory. Although the Blockchain App Factory did not appeal to the monkey community, it was a firm that provided many solutions for the NFT market that could be easily launched.

Blockchain App Factory’s pre-built NFT marketplaces have provisions to enable custom features based on business exclusive requirements. In addition, some space is reserved for adding additional elements if the client’s vision requires it. The pre-coded and pre-tested nature of these solutions ensures that they are free from most bugs, although basic tests are performed to ensure that the platforms work flawlessly.

Speaking of Blockchain App Factory, the firm has been in the industry for over seven years and has a portfolio of over 200 successful projects in the Web3 space. Its Whitelabel solutions for NFT marketplaces are valued by many companies around the world for their readiness and fast launch.

The company’s focus on delivering viable functionality while offering vibrant and attractive interfaces says a lot about its understanding of the Web3 consumer community. Its experts are well versed in integrating NFT marketplaces into several well-known blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Harmony, and even the new generation Astar Network.

In addition to customized solutions for the NFT market, Blockchain App Factory also offers solutions similar to popular solutions for the NFT market and full development options. The firm also excels in building Web3 games, cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, crypto crowdfunding platforms, and metaverse applications. It should also be noted that he has teams providing marketing, consulting, support and studio services to clients.

In this regard, it may be time for any business to delve into the Web3 space with the NFT market, and choosing a Whitelabel solution may be the best choice if you are testing virtual waters for the first time.

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