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43 min The BBC image disappears for a few seconds. Lucky for them, Bale doesn’t pick the moment to score from 40 yards.

43 min Hossein Hosseini confidently claims a corner.

42 min Good game from Wales. Davies sends a good ball to Moore on the edge of the penalty area, and Moore touches the ball (or doesn’t control it, I’m not entirely sure) the first time towards the oncoming Wilson. He lands the first kick but Puraliganji blocks it and he flips over the bar and takes the first corner of the match.

40 min Free kick to Iran, 40 yards. Hadjisafi misses a little, and he goes to shoot on goal. Both teams look like they’re ready for a break.

39 min Bale flies down the left flank and crosses low, but Majid Hosseini taps the ball.

38 min. “I am an American who lives in Cardiff with her Welsh husband,” writes Gwyneth Galvin. “I’m visiting my Ohio family for the holidays, but I set my alarm for 5am to get to the game. I am currently sitting under the covers suffering from a food hangover, which is only exacerbated by the anxiety of this game. Come on, Wales!

37 min Wilson finds Williams in space on the left side of the court, but his first touch is heavy and Rezaian makes a good tackle. This was half the chance for Wales.

35 min. Rodon lives on the edge against Azmun. He throws another desperate last shot to stop Azmoun running a long ball ahead.

Rodin has been left heads up quite often, which is a little surprising considering Wales have three centre-backs and he is theoretically a substitute.

John Terry in the style of Rawdon.
John Terry in the style of Rawdon. Photograph: Giuseppe Cacache/AFP/Getty Images

35 min. “Hi Rob,” Anshuman says to Pande. “Today you connected a wonderful song by Gorky at the start of the MBM. Over the years, many of your fellow Guardian MBMs have also knitted some absolute beauties. May I suggest an annual playlist of the best MBM music? I’m sure it will far surpass the EA playlist.”

This is a good idea. When the group stages are over and if I remember I will try to organize one.

34 min A little quiet spell. If they didn’t know before – and to be honest, I’m sure they did – in Wales they now realize that they are well and truly in the game.

33 min. “Greetings from the stadium,” says Pierre Martins. “Next to me sat a dude with the most annoying vuvuzela in the world. Var, who scored an offside goal, upset him.”

I wouldn’t want to run into the least annoying vuvuzela in the world, let alone the most annoying.

Finally. Photo: Michael Zemanek/Shutterstock

31 min Here’s more on the somewhat unexpected sight of Iranian players singing their national anthem before a game.

31 min You could never leave Gareth Bale on the sidelines – imagine the state of Twitter – but part of me wonders if, especially in this heat, you can get more out of your Bale by inviting him for the last half hour. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

30 minutes Bale, still anonymous, misses Hosseini’s long-range shot.

28 min Azmun can continue, at least for now.

27 min It worries Iran: Azmoun is being treated for a calf problem that has kept him off the pitch for the past couple of months. He was a serious handful for Wales.

26 min Iran is losing momentum again. Azmun is trying to overtake the last man, Rawdon, who is perfectly timing his lunge.

Golizade pushes Williams and then for some reason decides to scold him.

24 min Williams limps badly after being destroyed by Rezaian. It was not a particularly malicious foul and it was Rezaian who alerted the referee so he could stop play.

24 min Here’s that early chance for Kieffer Moore. I will post the missed goal, which was truly a gem, as soon as it appears on the BBC Twitter feed. Speaking of which, treat yourself to The Joy of Six: The Goals That Never Were. Not currently.

23 min Azmun from Rezayan’s free-kick strikes with a header, jumping over Rodon at the far post. He couldn’t get past the ball.

22 min Ampadu trips striker Rezayan 35 yards from goal. Iran has been amazing so far.

20 minutes “Ugh!” says Matt Doni. “I love VAR.”

A little message for Wales fans – are you on beer? I still remember people in suits rushing for a beer before work at 7 am on a Friday as if it were their national duty when England played Brazil in the 2002 quarter-finals.

VAR saves Wales.
VAR saves Wales. Photograph: Hannah McKay/Reuters

20 minutes Another very dangerous break by Iran ends when Nurollahi’s shot is blocked by Rodon. Iran is the best team at the moment, there is no doubt about that.

18 min Bale falls holding his face after a straight hand from Mohammadi. It was a foul, but nothing more.

NO GOAL! Wales 0-0 Iran

As for the uncounted goals, it was a beauty. Roberts’ dodgy square pass was caught by Golizade, who made a breakneck pass exchange with Azmoun – one, two, three, four – before sending the ball into the net. But when the last pass was made, Golizadet was easily – and needlessly – offside. Azmun could also shoot himself.

You shouldn't be offside from there, Iran.
You shouldn’t be offside from there, Iran. Photo: Antonin Thuillier/AFP/Getty Images

It will be ruled out for offside

GOAL! Wales 0-1 Iran (Gholizadeh 16)

VAR permitting, that’s a great Iran goal!

Iran has the ball in the goal!
Iran has the ball in the goal! Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images

13 min Moore remains in bed for a while, but after treatment, he gets back on his feet.

12 min. Good save Hosseini! Davis makes a crossfield pass to Roberts, who stops him and makes a beautiful cross to the near post. Moore reaches for a six-yard instinct shot, but Hossein Hosseini parries him. If Moore’s volley had gone on either side of the goalkeeper, he would probably have scored a goal. To add to his pain, Majid Hosseini accidentally kicks him in the face during the sequel.

Hossein Hosseini makes a great save from Kieffer Moore.
Hossein Hosseini makes a great save from Kieffer Moore. Photograph: Marko Djurica/Reuters

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