The Path of the First Web3 Guild

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The YGG journey began back in 2018 when co-founder Gabby Dizon spotted a trend while breeding Axies and saw an opportunity to build something big. Here is his story.

Gabby Dyson, a longtime member of the tech industry and co-founder of Yield Guild Games, one of the first gaming guilds in the metaverse, saw an opportunity to help the Filipinos. The blockchain player pioneer took this opportunity to create one of the most successful blockchain gaming guilds in the world.

Dizon was one of the first players in the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity back in 2018. After a couple of years of playing in 2020, he noticed that more Filipinos are playing the game due to the tight restrictions put in place in the country due to COVID-19. . These Filipino Axie players as a community have gone through the whole crypto journey, from creating a wallet to converting to fiat. At the time, Dyson was one of the top breeders of Aksi and he noticed that some people wanted to play the game but couldn’t afford to buy the NFTs he bred.

And here Dyson found an opportunity.

Dyson created one of the first blockchain gaming scholarship models that became the basis of a guild he later founded along with two other community members, Beryl Lee and Owl Wetness.

Source: Philippine Web3 Festival Facebook page.

“The role of a guild is basically to bring people together for something, whatever it is. Learning together, playing a game, owning assets, that’s what guilds do,” Dizon told BSC News. “Now you see the specialization of many guilds. There are guilds that are esports teams, game testers, or content creators, but they all bring people together. The magical part of adding blockchain to it is that these guilds can now own the assets.”

Dizon shared that by taking full advantage of the bull market in 2021, YGG is preparing them for the current market conditions. Now that the industry is in the middle of a bear market, Dizon and the rest of YGG are focusing on construction.

The guild has used its earnings to diversify into other blockchain games and expand into other countries through the creation of SubDAOs such as SKYGG, YGGJapan, IndiGG, YGGSEA and many more. Each SubDAO has its own level of autonomy and represents the guild’s local presence in their respective region, allowing for a more personalized experience and control over the region they govern. YGG Pilipinas is the only organization directly controlled by YGG.

Source: YGG Twitter.

“We’ve expanded globally with over 50 games, and now that the market is down, we’re putting a lot of emphasis on building the product,” Dizon added. “We want to create something that will basically increase the skills and reputation of our users so that they can find other opportunities in the metaverse. One example of this is our partnership with, Meta Web3.”

Web3 Metaversity is an online learning platform where students learn by watching videos taught by online moderators. The courses will include lessons on various aspects of Web3, and at the end of the course, students will be given personal badges that mark relevant skills based on courses taken or their own experience. These are paid courses, but they are the holders of any YGG. NFT can access the courses for free.

With so much going on in the guild, despite the market conditions, one has to wonder where the guild is heading in the future. Question Dyson answered “more of the same”

“The vision hasn’t really changed since day one,” Dizon replied. “We want to connect the community around the world to Web3. We want someone to have the same opportunity, wherever they are. We want people to be able to participate in the Web3 economy.”

What is Yield Guild Games:

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a gaming guild that brings players together to earn money through a blockchain-based economy. The community invests in NFT assets and connects blockchain players around the world. The goal of guidl is to create a network of players and investors who help each other get started and grow in the NFT gaming space. They call themselves settlers of new worlds in the metaverse.

Where to find Yield Guild games:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Substack |

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