The industry’s first cross-game NFTs, Game Space takes Web3 gaming to a whole new level

The industry's first cross-game NFTs, Game Space takes Web3 gaming to a whole new level

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Game Space, the industry’s first GameFi as a Service (GaaS) platform, allows you to use assets for different games. Owning a GameFi Gamers has never been so exciting!

November 4, 2022 Game Space recently announced that GameFi gamers can now match their NFT gaming assets across multiple games. Game Space SDK, the industry’s first to provide this feature, integrated into Web2 games, can provide NFT Marketplace functionality, wallet integration, full dashboard, and multi-chain deployment, making it easy to deploy games on BSC, ETH, Polygon, Solana, and more blockchain networks through multi-chain components, opening up a new generation of flawless GameFi experience. GameFi gamers can now turn their Merge Bird assets into various rewards, providing more freedom and value in owning their assets, taking Web3 gaming to a whole new level.

This May, Game Space launched Merge Bird, the GameFi version of the once-popular Web2 mobile game Flappy Bird. This year marks ten years since the birth of Flappy Bird. Game Space, a dedicated fan of the game, ported the game to Web3, which means the birds in the game can be minted in the Bird NFT and stored in a wallet via the SDK. Following the launch of Goat! Goat! this further lowered the entry barrier for gamers due to no NFT or purchase required to play. Gamers will have a chance to get a Mystery Box of various rarities and prizes in Mystery Box NFTs including USDT, Merge Bird NFT, Mimic Shanns, Mfers, and Bored Ape (BAYC #6669).

Melt and win by playing Magic Pot

With the recent launch of a new game – Magic Pot – game assets may overlap with each other. Existing players can find their assets in the Game Space wallet. New members of the community are privileged to enjoy “Free to play + Free to earn + Free to own” modeling, playing Goat! Goat!. In addition, in the “Market” section of the Game Space wallet, users can also find birds that are currently sold on the secondary market, and vice versa, mint and sell.

Steps for playing:

  1. Play Goat! Goat! and win various mystery boxes where you have a chance to win Merge Birds, Bored Ape #6669, Mfers, Mimic Shanns or USDT.
  2. Go to the “Market” section of the Game Space Wallet, where you can find birds that are currently being sold on the secondary market. Prices are already on the rise, so make sure you get the best deals before they disappear!
  3. Participate in our community or partner events and receive Merge Bird airdrops!
  4. Add up to three Merge Birds to MagicPot.
  5. Click Melt and watch the magic happen!

Rewards include: 1-100 USDT, GoatGoat in-game items, etc.

“Cross-game assets, NFT creation and great gaming experience are the most important aspects that Game Space has taken into account when it comes to game development, because in the long term it is more important to focus on the gaming experience in order to retain users.” Said Cameron, CEO of Game Space. To corroborate this proof, the Merge Bird NFT price has increased 7 times from the original floor price and continues to rise. He added: “We are actively and closely engaging with our community to always meet the expectations and visions of the 3 billion major players around the world. Once sufficient additional users are retained through experience, more NFT consumption and cross-border distribution scenarios can be added to the gaming model, and a healthy gaming-based business model is possible.”

In addition, Game Space also continues to pursue new projects such as the GameFi Future Fund, with a focus on the next generation of GameFi 3.0. The fund will be used to invest and develop GameFi and NFT, PFP and DID projects to help quality projects flourish in terms of infrastructure, marketing, operations and trade. Another area that Game Space is tapping into is DID. Key3 .did is a decentralized account system that runs on Ethereum, BNB and Solana with plans to support other networks in the future. Users can get a .did domain for free and own it forever. Key3 .did lowers the entry barrier and encourages existing and new users to participate and claim their identity on Web3. Once it’s available, users can create any additional .did domain and transfer ownership to anyone, even set up their own registrar for your .did domain.

GameFi is still in its early stages. Not only in storytelling, but even based on data, most blockchain games are still in development. Only 32.7% of the total blockchain games are currently running, so there is still room for massive development. play space generation a lot of buzz and continues to foster meaningful relationships in the ever-expanding world of Web3. In the future, Game Space may also make cross-chain NFT possible thanks to the multi-chain NFT marketplace provided by the Game Space SDK. These features are key to the development of the wider NFT space as they increase interoperability. Game Space aims to make the development of blockchain projects more accessible and sustainable, while minimizing the risks for investors. During this turbulent time, Game Space is constantly dedicating itself to innovating and strengthening the entire industry.

About the play space

Game Space releases games on its GameFi-as-a-Service platform. It can help gaming companies and AAA-level games release online functionality in days with an integrated SDK, as well as an NFT transaction engine that can be built into games, which can help GameFi projects cut launch times by half a year. and significantly reduce the entry threshold for gaming companies into Web3.

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