The Gathering Creator Launches Web3 PvP Card Game at WAX

magic the gathering creator

The creator of Magic: The Gathering has launched the next phase of his Web3 PvP card game. Blockchain Brawlers, P2E game now has PvP mode! Players can now take on opponents, test their skills, and place themselves on the community leaderboard. Players also have the option to level up their characters and earn rewards in the form of game tokens.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Web3 fighting game.

The creator of Magic: The Gathering has embarked on the next phase of his Web3 fighting card game. Credit: Blockchain brawlers

What is Blockchain Brawlers?

Blockchain Brawlers is a new Web3 card game built on the Wax blockchain, created in collaboration with Web3 game studio Tyranno Studios (formerly known as Wax Studios). The game was launched in March 2022 and was a great success. In their second week of launch, they saw a total trading volume of $430 million. The game originally only included a PvE (player vs. environment) mode, but it has now expanded to PvP, which has excited the community.

“I aim for a game that is fun and addictive, with real strategic choices and risk taking, yet simple enough to master Blockchain Brawlers for a wide audience of players.” — Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering. , the message says.

Blockchain fights
Blockchain Brawlers gameplay (PvE mode). Credit: Fief Library.

PvP Game Mode Details

First of all, players who want to experience the game must buy the Blockchain Brawlers NFT Starter Pack. This set includes a fighter (playable character), 8 deck cards, a taunt card, a finisher card, and an attack card. In detail, each unique fighter has different traits that define the characteristics of the character. Players can also level up their fighters to get more rewards and different gameplay experiences. In addition, the team has launched a new feature called “Brawl-O-Seums” which allows players to own NFT land and create their own items. Not to mention, players will also earn BRWL tokens by fighting in PvP mode, which is the in-game currency. Here management to help you get started.

Blockchain fights
Blockchain Brawlers: where to start. Credit: Blockchain Brawlers

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