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Key events

GOAL! Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon (Embolo 48)

Switzerland scores with the first shot on target. They quickly move the ball around the field, eventually reaching Shaqiri on the right, who crosses Embolo, allowing him to hit the ball from six yards. He does not celebrate because he was born in Cameroon.

47 minutes: Vargas cheats a bit on the left, but leaves the ball behind, which seems counterproductive.

Second half

Here we go again!

ITV seems to really want me to visit Qatar. I think I will, thanks.

Laura Woods HATES vuvuzelas.

Email Kari Tulinius: “Referee Facundo Tello played a good game. In fact, I didn’t even notice it was him until the Finnish commentator mentioned that in his last game before the World Cup, it was the referee who dealt 10 red cards in the Argentine equivalent of the Community Shield.”

Get the Vlahovic filling at halftime.

Switzerland 0-0 Cameroon

Interesting and even the first half. Both teams will be pleased with their performance and will probably be a little annoyed that they couldn’t score a goal.

45+1 min: A corner from the Swiss side finds Akanji on the edge of the box from six yards, but he can only head in. Huge chance.

45 minutes: Only two minutes added.

44 min.: How much time will be added before the break? I can’t remember any notable stops, so… eight minutes?

42 min.: Elvedi is on the other end as he can’t handle the cross, but he makes up for it with my return of Choupo-Moting from behind to a corner. Mbeumo takes the ball, but Switzerland clears the ball.

40 minutes: Castelletto knocks out Embolo 30 yards from his own net. Embolo hits the net, but Castelletto is determined to bounce back and manages just in time to grab an attacker and send the ball for a corner.

The resulting set-piece finds Elvedi eight yards away, he leans in to head on goal but goes wide.

38 minutes: It has been an interesting game so far, both teams looked dangerous in the last third, but the Swiss have yet to test Onan.

36 minutes: Widmer is in action on the other end, gliding forward to beat Toto-Ekambi, Fai’s cross in the penalty area from six yards and deflecting a determined goal.

Moments later, Fi turns to the book for an unnecessarily belated call to Elvedi.

34 min.: Switzerland beat the press and passed the ball to Widmer from the right, allowing him a cross along the six-yard line, but Cameroon pulled through.

32 min.: Andros Townsend, co-author, says you can judge a team’s confidence by how their cornerbacks play. Cameroon plays high and wide, in case you’re wondering.

30 minutes: The neat play of Mbeumo and Shupo-Moting was always the first to elude a pass to Hongla, who landed a shabby shot through Sommer. The goalkeeper can only wave his arm in front of him, but luckily for the goalkeeper there is a defender who can shoot.

Daniel makes an interesting conclusion. FIFA can’t make many calls right. I’m afraid they don’t even consider such things.

@Will_Unwin Red shirts and shorts versus green shirts and socks. Another amazing match for colorblind people. Why, FIFA, why? Or should we be thankful that the socks are clearly different?

— Daniel Coomber (@danieljcoomber) November 24, 2022

28 minutes: Cameroon take the goal kick despite it looking like Tolo is the man to throw the final kick. Tolo’s wry smile means he thinks so too.

26 min: Admir Pajic’s email: “Cameroon has not had the best time in the World Cup since Italy in the 90s: one win and ten losses in 15 games since losing to England.

“Switzerland, on the other hand, is a tough nut to crack — they rarely win or lose within 90 minutes of a World Cup (only four losses in 15 games came within 90 minutes).

“However, I wondered if too many players under 30 were a problem for big teams like Argentina, Germany, Croatia and Belgium, while England and Spain look more alive than any of the aforementioned teams. In Switzerland, there is also a good Cher, who is in his 30s.”

Interestingly, the experience of tournament football is very useful for Switzerland? These players know how to get the job done. And a lovely pun there.

Xherdan Shaqiri is challenged by Martin Khongla and Carl Toko Ekambi.
Xherdan Shaqiri under the scrutiny of Martin Khongla and Carl Toko Ekambi. Photo: Noushad Thekkayil/EPA

24 min: Cameroon passes the ball to Mbuemo from the right, he cuts in and looks like he is going to shoot, but Switzerland closes it. Attack brings Cameroon a corner. Mbuemo sends it to the box but doesn’t hit anyone.

22 min: Switzerland takes a little risk by making short passes. Elvedi does not provide enough speed in his back pass to Sommer, who simply receives the ball a split second before Mbuemo and returns it to his centre-back.

20 minutes: A couple of crosses are sent to a box and cleaned. The ball goes to Xhaka, who tries to hit the ball from above, but he passes too much and the ball hits the target.

18 minutes: “Thank you for the wonderful reportage from solar ascents. (Living room?),” asks Bill Hargreaves. I’m definitely here with my very untidy desk. “Maybe it’s my oversight, but I don’t see Roger Mill’s name on the command sheet. This is a missprint?”

He needed to rest to make sure he could collect his prize from Infantino before the match.

16 minutes: Switzerland, it seems, really wants to score crosses in the penalty area. They haven’t caused too much trouble yet, but it looks like a cunning plan.

15 minutes: Choupo-Moting beats Akanji to pass the ball in the middle line, allowing him to shoot on goal. The Manchester City defender comes back to put pressure on him, meaning the kick lacks power, allowing Sommer to come down to stop him.

14 minutes: Vargas steps forward and drops his left shoulder before making a low pass into the corridor of uncertainty, but no Swiss international is in sight, allowing Cameroon to get away. Moments later, Shaqiri passes to Embolo in the area but is knocked down. Not that it really matters because he is yards offside.

12 minutes: Xhaka decides to pass the ball from 30 yards, but he sends the ball very high over the crossbar and then yells at his teammates for one reason or another.

10 minutes: Two chances for Cameroon. Mbuemo throws a long pass through the Swiss defense to chase him, he gets there and lands a shot straight at Sommer. The rebounds are on Toko-Ekambi’s feet, but he throws the ball from 10 yards.

Carl Toko Ekambi misses an early chance for Cameroon.
Carl Toko Ekambi misses an early chance for Cameroon. Photograph: Marko Djurica/Reuters

8 minutes: Cameroon made their first quasi attack of the match, earning a free kick about 35 yards from goal. Mbuemo takes it, but is unable to defeat the first man and the danger is quickly cleared.

6 min: Embolo rolls the defender and passes him to Shaqiri, who shoots into the danger zone on the right, but no one in red answers him. However, there is a man in green doing his best to help Switzerland by cutting off his cleanup attempt, but Onana is there to catch him.

4 min: There is no shortage of shade on the pitch, which is a little annoying. There is a bit of noise in the stands, but not too much due to the large number of empty seats that we see on the sides.

Brel Embolo of Switzerland grabbed the ball under pressure from Nicolas Nkulu.
Brel Embolo of Switzerland grabbed the ball under pressure from Nicolas Nkulu. Photograph: Marko Djurica/Reuters

2 minutes: A positive start for the Swiss, who quickly move the ball around the field to earn a corner. Shaqiri swings from the right, the ball is low to the near post and causes a little confusion before Cameroon clears it.

Kick off

Pip! Pip! Pip! Like this!

Germany’s reaction to yesterday’s defeat of Japan.

It sounds and looks like the stadium is half empty. Not what the organizers would like for this group game. I’m sure they’ll pick up the traffic.

Carney is a big fan of Angissa and so am I. Maybe we should be friends.

Roger Milla receives a certificate from Infantino on the field. I hope it will be on his wall. However, I am ashamed of the meeting with Infantino.

The Guardian’s own Karen Carney is currently on ITV. She supports Brazil to win the tournament. Her views on England vs USA will be released later today.

One of the greats is interviewing one of the greats.

“My favorite story about the beginning of the game” Jerry Scott says“It was when Ronaldinho was playing for Barcelona and they asked for the game to be rescheduled due to international obligations. This was denied, so the match was rescheduled for 00:05.

Email Peter O: “I feel like I have something in common with Dani Alves because I love football and they don’t pay me either.”

I am also here on a volunteer basis.

Bangers and goals.

Looking forward to meeting Djibril Sow from Switzerland. In the summer, Nottingham Forest were very interested in signing an Eintracht Frankfurt player, so we’ll find out what they missed out on.

Starting Lineups

Switzerland (4-2-3-1): Sommer; Widmer, Akanji, Elvedi, Rodriguez; Freuler, Jaka; Shaqiri, Sow, Vargas; Embolo

Cameroon (4-3-3): She is on; Tolo, Nkulu, Castelletto, Fay; Gue, Khongla, Zambo Angissa; Mbeumo, Shupo-Moting, Toko Ekambi.

Cameroon entered the stadium with songs and dances. You don’t get that from the Swiss.

Sid Low had a little chat with Dani Alves. Brazil will play later today…

It seems very strange to do every minute at this time of day. The match will start at 10 am GMT. When was the first time you were at a professional football game? I remember Man City playing Everton at 11:30 or so.

What’s happening today at the World Cup? Let the Guardian tell you…

Louise Taylor wrote about former Liverpool and West Ham defender Rigobert Song, who is now the manager of Cameroon.


Today, several big players enter the battle at the World Cup: Brazil, the unemployed Cristiano Ronaldo and others. However, there are few bigger hitters than Xherdan Shaqiri’s spawns. On account of the Swiss 109 matches in 31 years. Experience is the main theme of this Swiss team; there are three players with 100 years of international experience, not to mention Haris Seferovic in 98 and 33 year old Jann Sommer. This helped them defeat France at the Euro and reach the quarter-finals. They have been out of the group at the last two World Championships, so they will approach this with relative confidence.

Obviously, the fact that Brazil is also in Group G makes this a must-have game for Switzerland and Cameroon to win. Africans are not at their historical best, but there is a lot of quality throughout. From Andre Onana in goal to in-form Eric Maxime Choupo-Moting across the field, Cameroon can give most teams the game of their day. They finished third at last year’s Africa Cup of Nations, so they know how to progress in the tournament. They arrive in Qatar, ranked 43rd in the world, 28th below Switzerland, which is a small indication of the difference between the two teams, but I think the gap is not as big as Gianni Infantino’s connoisseurs think.

Let’s hope a decent game gets Group G off to a good start.

Start: 10:00 GMT

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