Sony patent suggests PlayStation is developing NFTs and blockchain technology

PlayStation NFTs

A recent patent shows that Sony is working on NFT and blockchain technologies for the PlayStation, or at least something close to NFT.

A patent published by Sony this month shows the company appears to be expanding into developing NFTs and its own blockchain. This is separate from the PlayStation Stars program, which is already live and released new rewards for November.

Although the patent was published this month, it was actually filed a year ago, which makes a lot of sense. The NFT landscape was significantly different a year ago and hopes for the emerging field were much higher than they are now. Since then, the public and player opinion have largely turned their backs on NFTs for reasons ranging from artificial scarcity to environmental impact.


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Sony’s take on NFT focuses on an area that many others haven’t yet explored: the esports scene and all the fame, prestige and fan culture that comes with it. Unlike the PlayStation Stars program with its quests and collectibles, the Sony NFT patent focuses on specific items that players want for the same reason fans want items related to sports stars. He compares these NFTs to baseballs signed or knocked down by baseball stars like Babe Ruth, or similar memorabilia, but related to in-game items that can be transferred between platforms or blockchains.

PlayStation Stars PS1 Demo

These NFTs are meant to be actual digital items used by esports stars or other gaming influencers such as well-known content creators. For example, the gun used by Dr. Disrespect, or some other part of his character set used by the real Doctor Disrespect at some point. Possibly a ninja’s skin Fortnite with a unique digital signature written by his hand on each of the skins, each of which is a separate NFT. Instead of appealing to the fact that NFTs are a unique thing that a player can own, Sony is appealing to the reasons why players will actually want to own them.

Of course, pro gamer-inspired items have been available to players before, a prime example being skins made for championship teams in League of Legends, so this idea is not entirely unique. Also, with the current attitude towards NFT, there is a good chance that players will not accept Sony’s vision. Shows how Square Enix creates a new NFT instead of Parasite Eve not often met with praise.

However, despite the general opposition, many companies are pursuing NFT plans. Konami is aiming to create an NFT marketplace, and if Sony’s plan works, it will have its own. Only time will tell if Sony’s plan succeeds, but with a currently unique premise, it may at least have an edge in the new NFT market.

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Source: Video game chronicle.

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