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Triple A cryptocurrency games have made a lot of noise recently as we see an influx of new projects. using Unreal Engine 5 Development tools. This is a great turn for the industry as we’ve seen several real projects in terms of presentation and gameplay. The things you expect in the 90s. No shadow for retro gamers, it’s just fun to have top notch products behind modern games.

New game on the block Paradox Metaverse. Having stumbled upon this name in an Instagram post by a famous rapper, he was initially skeptical about it. However, further due diligence showed that this is one of the blockchain projects that we may need to look into.

Read on to find out more about Paradox and what’s in store for this UK-based project that’s poised to take the blockchain by storm.

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A Brief Overview of the Metaverse of Paradox

The paradox is open world adventure game it’s built on our favorite Unreal Engine 5. It was originally created as a free-to-play game, which is great news for casual gamers. Buying an NFT will allow you to get more out of your experience.

The gameplay trailers posted by the team show that this is a completely addictive game. Showcasing a very vibrant environment and stellar graphics and gameplay. Almost like a mixture of Cyberpunk 2077 and Grand Theft Auto.

The storyline follows a dystopian plot in which the city was taken over by a group of police robots which you must overcome. Players can enter portals that take you to different planets, offering different ways to play and level up your character to take control of the tyrannical forces in Paradox City!

Collectibles in the game

NFTs will be available through missions and on Marketplace of Paradox. They will be known as:

  • Paragance
  • Pair of bodyboxes
  • Paraclothes

Players can edit their characters and vehicles (each is initially given one) to bring their ideal character to the metaverse.

For sales registered on the marketplace, a commission is charged. 10% of which will be reallocated back to the Paradox Metaverse staking pool and prize pool.

In-Game Token

The Paradox token will be called $PARA. This can be earned by completing missions and placing bets in the game, which we will cover in more detail. PARA will be available for purchase at Huobi Global as well as BitMart First, more exchanges are expected in the future.

Here is how the $PARA token will be distributed:

  • PUBLIC ROUND 1.35%
  • SEEDS 12%
  • LIQUIDITY/MM 12.5%
  • PRESALE 4%
  • P2E 20%
  • RATE 15%
  • RND 5%

While able earn PARA tokens by completing missions, it is noted that there are periods of reflection between missions, a total of 24 hours. Paradox stated that this was done so that players could still enjoy the social aspect of the game and explore the environment.

metaverse-in-game paradox

Image credit | Paradox Metaverse


Staking is a great way to earn more from your crypto assets. Players can earn an average of 20% per annum when staking their $PARA tokens.

Tokens are stored for from 28 to 2888 days at the bet. According to their white paper, staking features will be available in the fourth quarter of 2022, along with the ability to stake NFTs.

By exchanging your $PARA token for “P-SAVE”, you are eligible to wager to earn more and get more out of your gaming experience. P-SAVE will be available via Paraswapdesignated decentralized exchange for Paradox.

Partners and media attention

Paradox has received huge publicity since the game’s inception on Twitter and other social networks. Some of the most popular names in every corner of the entertainment industry have made their way into the game.

British rappers like Digga D, Headey One and group OFB shared their thoughts through their individual campaigns. Streaming feeling Ispeed is also a supporter as he is due to attend the gameplay launch event for Paradox.

Crypto exchanges and other big names are also partnering with Paradox. Opensea, Uniswap, Binance and Unreal Engine and many more.

Additional content from the Paradox Metaverse

While we’ve covered the main features of Paradox, there are a few other notable features in this game.

First, there is Paradoxical events where fans can watch exclusive events and content from the top streamers and gamers taking part in the $PARA Prize Tournaments.

There is also a Paradox Launchpad that gives token-based projects the opportunity to get funding to release them. Players can access upcoming game tokens at a lower price than the average market price. Exchange-only tokens can be listed on Launchpad, ensuring the safety of players.

To learn more about the Paradox Metaverse, be sure to visit their official website. It features a comprehensive white paper that provides a full description of the title, the team behind it, and a roadmap of updates to be released.

Always do your own research before investing in any game, and as always, happy gaming!

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