Ole Knutli: Rewarding Answers with the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

Ole Knutli

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When you were asked to take an online survey, how did you react? For most of us, it’s eye rolling and scrolling through questions as quickly as possible. But what if you were encouraged to participate? It might matter.

This is the idea behind CoinSurvey. The company that participated in the second group of Satoshi Block Dojo wants to use rewards to help survey creators get more responses from their customers.

Ole Knutli, CEO and co-founder of CoinSurvey, explains in this week’s CoinGeek Conversations that the startup is leveraging the scalability of the Bitcoin SV blockchain to allow customers to offer different amounts of money to those who take the time to answer questions. .

“Using blockchain, we can make rewards really very cost-effective, so you can add rewards for as little as a cent, add rewards to each question, or change the degree of reward for different questions.”

One reason customers may want different rewards for questions is to address bottlenecks in a survey by providing better rewards for more difficult or time-consuming questions.

Ole is also looking to diversify the incentives offered to respondents, such as allowing tree planting as a reward, as he believes this will help to get a wide range of people to participate.

Ole explains that his experience as a consultant in several major municipalities in Norway helped him understand the importance of getting accurate feedback from clients.

Although he has not worked in the survey industry, he has relied heavily on customer feedback data and therefore understands how important it is for customers to know that their surveys are being conducted by real customers.

“If you want to conduct a survey on who has made a purchase, you want to make sure that those who respond to the survey are actually those who have made a purchase, and this is happening everywhere today, and we think blockchain can be very a good way to solve this problem,” he says.

CoinSurvey hopes to compete with industry giants like SurveyMonkey by focusing on this element of business tracking as the level of accuracy and transparency provided by using the BSV blockchain will set them apart from other companies.

The business is run by Ole, his brother, and a college friend with whom he previously partnered to create a Norwegian digital currency exchange called Bitruptionwhich is still licensed and active to this day.

They teamed up to participate in the Satoshi Block Dojo in the second half of 2022, and have been focusing on product launch and customer experience since then.

But there are also plans to expand the business and introduce an audience panel that will allow users to register on the website and get paid to record responses to general surveys, improving site traffic and facilitating BSV adoption.

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