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If you have been looking for different NFTs, you may have come across NFT Imaginary One. Due to their recently released 3D NFTs, they have been discussed. Among the many NFT holders who followed the Toon Finance pre-sale were Imaginary One NFT holders.

Even during the pre-sale, Toon Finance was able to firmly establish itself in the cryptocurrency market despite not being fully publicized yet. But why did Toon Finance reach out to Imaginary One NFT owners?

This detailed explanation will help you understand the Imaginary and the rationale for choosing NFT holders to use Toon Finance.

About Imaginary One NFT

NFT 2022 also includes The Imaginary One as a project. In April, the initiative was officially launched.

Two Singaporeans have developed an NFT based on Ethereum. There are 8888 unique 3D animated NFTs in the Imaginary One collection. Within the first 4 minutes after launch, all 8888 NFTs disappeared.

The 8,888 NFT symbols are reported to have generated about $20 million in sales.

What led to the popularity of the imaginary NFT?

When an NFT venture sells out within the first 4 minutes of launch, it’s both impressive and unlikely. Why, then, were collectors confiscating it so quickly? There were a lot of NFTs, but they all disappeared within the first 4 minutes. What made NFTs so popular?

The fully animated and 3D NFT characters from Imaginary One are key elements of their appeal. The lack of 3D NFT symbols has amazed NFT collectors in the past.

Around 4,488 items were sold at a Dutch open auction, with the rest sold at a private auction. The price during the open sale was planned to decrease by 0.1 ETH every 15 minutes. Since they intended to buy NFTs for the smallest amount of money possible, the backers waited until the very last moment. They could make a significant profit if they did.

The Imaginary One team is also well known around the world, unlike many NFT developers who are still unknown. They don’t make many NFTs, but their customers are well known.

Imaginary NFT Team

David Lee and Clement Chia, both from Singapore, launched the Imaginary One NFT. Both have experience in the digital media industry.

Motion graphics and animation studio OFFSET has hired founders. Thanks to their collaboration, these animated 3D NFT characters were created.

Not only did they work for OFFSET, but Clement was one of its founders. While many argue that digital media experience won’t help them, this view has been debunked.

In addition, Clement Chia has worked on other NFT initiatives prior to the Imaginary One collection. Since he presented the collection, twelve of his thirteen NFT pieces have already been sold. In addition, the cost of a 13-piece set rises to almost 11 ETH.

But the Imaginary One NFT project did not receive such a high price from the market. It is traded on the secondary market for 1 or 1.1 ETH.

They were all taken by Toon Finance after they arrived.

What is Toon Finance coin?

The NFT and meme coin project, also known as Toon Finance Coin (TFT), was introduced in mid-2022. But this NFT initiative is different. This is one of the first attempts to create a meme-currency. This project turns memes into digital assets.

Although the project has not yet been officially launched, a major pre-sale took place on October a week. During the presale, over 500 million discounted meme coins were sold.

The launch of Memecoins on the market shocked everyone. Making your favorite meme a virtual asset is the best way to introduce people to something new.

The TFT pre-sale also performed better than several competitors, including SHIBU tokens, Tamadoge, Imaginary One, and others. At the time, it was noticed that a significant proportion of Imaginary One NFT owners were buying Toon Finance.

Not to mention, Toon Finance is more than just an NFT or meme money maker. They have much more to offer with their Toon Finance protocol, which will make it easier for you to work in the bitcoin industry.

About the Toon Finance Protocol

Toon Finance Protocol is a DEX platform designed for those who love cryptocurrencies. The site provides secure trading of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other digital assets.

The protocol also allows NFTs to be listed and blockchains to be linked. Since there was no such platform on the market, Toon Finance was designed to meet this need.

Participating in a presale can give you early access to the protocol and keep you up to date on all the company’s plans. Secondary markets and intermediaries will no longer be needed if the protocol is used. Toon Finance provides a single platform through which all actions can be carried out.

Imaginary One NFT owners saw this as a great chance to collect some unique meme currencies and get involved in the Toon Finance community. However, the Toon Finance coin is more important in order to attract Imaginary One NFT holders to it.

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Why are Imaginary One NFT holders buying Toon Finance?

Many Imaginary One NFT owners were seen buying Toon Finance during the pre-sale. There are likely many factors involved in this, but the most important ones you should be aware of are the following:

1. Unprecedented presale prices

Enterprises have already engaged in pre-sales before Toon Finance. A pre-sale was held at several additional stores, including Tamadoge and SHIBU. However, the pre-sale of Toon Finance broke all previous records like a crushing blow.

No one could have imagined that the new undertaking would seriously threaten Tamadoga. However, the moment the pre-sale price was made public, word of the newcomer spread throughout the cryptocurrency market.

With low rates and tempting terms, Toon Finance quickly attracted many Imaginary One NFT holders. In addition, TFT trading prices were significantly higher than Tamadoge’s presale prices.

2. Optimistic growth

The Imaginary One NFT project doesn’t seem to be moving forward despite having unique and lovable characters. At the moment, the minimum price is still 0.58 ETH. On the open market, the project was originally sold for 1.1 ETH.

Imaginary One collectors switched to Toon Finance due to this crisis. The Toon Finance project has successfully shown the audience the growth that it will soon experience in the presale.

They will undoubtedly make a significant profit if they buy TFT during the pre-sale. In addition, Toon Finance announced ahead of the sale that 10,000 new NFT characters will be released soon.

The first 1,000 members of each community will receive NFTs. You can participate in their community if you buy meme coins during the presale. The owners of Imaginary One NFT could not miss such a chance.

3. Maximum utility

A digital item that is no longer needed is useless for everyone. On the other hand, demand increases directly at the expense of the utility of the asset.

Toon Finance coins are really useful. In the sector, coins can be used for anything. The fact that you can use their NFTs in the metaverse, multiple game settings, and the realm of Toon Finance is their biggest feature.

It has multiple uses and offers many benefits that you can take advantage of. In addition, many other items, including various digital assets, can be purchased with Toon Finance coins.

This option was not available with the Imaginary One NFT and its benefits were marginal.

4. Value your privacy

You don’t need to send your transactions to a higher authority because the Toon Finance protocol runs on a decentralized channel. This can also be used to list and trade anonymously NFTs and other digital assets. This gives you confidence when trading and protects the privacy of your information.

This was done to protect customers from online scams and other similar activities. On the other hand, Toon Finance aims to make transactions more secure for you if you keep your identity.

However, you must use secondary markets to buy and sell Imaginary One NFT. Therefore, you must use your data and bitcoin wallet for such transactions. As a result, there may be a greater risk of theft and a number of other crimes.

World experts have praised Toon Finance for this measure. Toon Finance works around the clock to keep you safe and secure.

Final words

Due to these factors, many Imaginary One NFT owners bought Toon Finance during the pre-sale. It was only a pre-sale, but everyone knows what a great project this is. The release, scheduled for January 1, 2023, is only expected by the general public so far.

Stay in touch as more information becomes available.

To access the pre-sales interface, go here or learn more here:

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