NFT Skill Tree 🎯 – William M. Pisster

NFT Skill Tree 🎯 - William M. Pisster

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Dear bankless nation,

In some of my past posts, I’ve joked about the idea of ​​an “NFT skill tree”.

These are all skill sets that you can learn as you progress through all of the major categories of NFT activities right now.

I thought it would be nice to map the branches of what a modern NFT skill tree might look like, so for today’s post, I came up with 21 main areas of interest developed from the excellent work of Alex Gedevani. Table of NFT verticals.

Can you maximize your skill tree? You are unlikely to have to – even just by acquiring competence in half these affiliates will put you in an advantageous position as NFTs become more important in the coming years.

All that said, let’s take a look at what these 21 main skill trees are and some of the main projects you can explore in each of them!


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NFT Analytical Resources provide easy-to-use interfaces for discovering actionable NFT insights, such as mispriced listings, and for understanding NFT activity flows, such as trading volume metrics.

  • Comparing 24-hour, 7-day and 30-day low price statistics for major collections on somersault

  • Set up custom Mint alerts for your browser at

  • Reading the Lucky Listings UI to find incorrect NFT prices on Happy trader

  • Viewing the history of a specific wallet using the NFT Wallet Profiler at Nansen

  • Studying what specific NFT communities are collecting at any given time on Watch tower

Artist-focused platforms now form the bulk of the NFT ecosystem. These projects provide an infrastructure that makes it easy for artists to create and share their work with the growing global community of digital collectors.

NFT Borrowing and Lending Protocols allow borrowers to receive fixed-term loans against their NFTs, and allow lenders to receive income or liquidate NFTs. At the crossroads of DeFi and NFT, such projects have recently sparked an explosion of interest.

  • NFT collateral for placement of loan offers on NFTfi

  • Depositing ETH into a reserve pool to earn income from BendDAO

  • Making a loan offer Arcade or sodium

Community Resources are projects that help streamline activities such as community discovery and community management.

  • Automate your NFT community membership management with Guild

  • Setting up the Community Treasure on juice box

  • Detection of actions, such as votes or mints, that your wallet can perform through Daylight

  • Setting up a token forum for your NFT community with Team

  • Preparing a whitelist for Pre

Content teams are decentralized groups that creatively coordinate to spread a brand, story, or narrative universe. For example, Nouns DAO members vote on how project treasury should be used to support Nounish brand efforts.

Curatorial platforms and protocols help artists, collectors, curators, and casual users organize NFTs into galleries for events, scholarships, and more. By taking NFTs beyond purely financial considerations, curation creates cultural value for NFTs.

  • Curating an exhibition of your favorite NFTs via Deca, Galleryor JPG (Disclosure: I’m contributing to the JPG!)

Game projects in the NFT ecosystem use NFTs to facilitate asset ownership and the in-game economy. While the main goal of any game is to have fun, many NFT games also offer new earning opportunities.

Opening projects make it easy for users to quickly find notable events or NFT information. Familiarity with these tools will help you navigate the web better.

  • Create a domain name for your wallet with ENS

  • Search for popular mints using

  • Creating web3 friendly search queries with Drifty

  • Tracking trending sales on Context

Show projects help NFT owners and exhibitors demonstrate NFT in a physical setting.

Liquidity Protocols help NFT traders access decentralized liquid markets around illiquid NFTs.

  • Creation of a new liquidity pool on sudoswap

  • Replacing similar NFTs with NFTX

Marketplaces Online stores where people can buy and sell NFTs. Marketplaces can be standalone operations such as Nifty Gateway or aggregation platforms that allow trading on multiple NFT marketplaces at once, such as Gem.

Metadata storage platforms provide streamlined user interfaces for creators and maintain their NFT metadata in decentralized storage solutions like Arweave, IPFS or Filecoin. Since the metadata of many NFT projects is stored offline, the importance of long-term metadata security cannot be underestimated.

Metaverse Projects in the NFT ecosystem use NFTs to facilitate the ownership of virtual land and in-house assets, thereby bringing the digital experience to life.

Multi-User Crypto Projects make it easier for groups of friends and/or strangers to collectively own and share NFTs.

Musical NFT platforms help musicians connect with their fans in new ways with 1/1 or collectible music releases. This scene is starting to really blossom, which bodes well for the future of independent music!

  • Create your own song using a digital audio workstation (DAW) system on Arpeggi

  • Develop custom playlists with spinamp

  • Collecting collectible songs Catalog or Sound

NFTfiThe sector, located at the intersection of NFT and DeFi, facilitates complex NFT-based financial services in a decentralized manner, such as on-chain NFT derivatives.

  • Creating an NFT Call Option on Hook

  • Depositing WETH to the capital vault for MetaStreet

  • Create a credit score online through Spectral

Portfolio management projects help NFT faucets create one-stop hubs to trace their assets, increasingly across multiple chains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Price projects focused on helping NFT collectors and traders value their holdings. The pricing scene is very early, but some promising efforts have begun to bear fruit.

Defense projects help NFT creators or holders keep their NFTs secure in the long run.

  • Backing up the metadata of your OTC NFTs with ClubNFT

  • Pre-testing the quality of your NFT drop with StealthTest at nameless

Platform rental help people rent or pay rent NFTs.

Wallet designs allow people to simplify the process of self-custody of their NFTs. Wallets can come in many forms, such as mobile apps or multi-signature vaults.

  • Create an NFT vault for long-term security with Safely

  • Setting up a burner wallet for free mints via Rainbow

  • β›Ή Practical training in branches NFT skill tree where do you want to level up your abilities

  • πŸ”‘ Read my latest Bankless Tactic How to take charge of storing your crypto keys because not your keys, not your crypto!

William M. Pister is a professional writer and creator Metaversalis a Bankless newsletter dedicated to the emergence of NFTs in the crypto economy. Recently he has also hosted content for Bankless, JPG and more!

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