NFT Love: Photographer Simone’s Cannabis Creations

NFT Love: Photographer Simone's Cannabis Creations

Simone, who prefers the nickname of the same name, is now a happy person. The Rome-born and Barcelona-based photographer has focused on cannabis since 2017, culminating in the launch of his online gallery in June 2022.

Ten years ago, Simona began her career in the film industry, first as a VCR operator (responsible for recording equipment) and then as a sought-after digital imaging specialist for popular European films. Sole A Catinelle, Perfetti Sconosciuti, I Medici and more. The idea to combine his two great loves – cannabis and photography – grew stronger as his “Terpshotz project” gained momentum. Never content with what is accepted or expected, Simone creates cannabis photographs that are sold as canvases. According to him, his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of digital art inspired him to create a compelling visual collection.

Rosin from Barcelona headquarters

When I met the affable photographer, whose Instagram username was, as expected, @terpshotz, I asked him to lead me to the beginning, the birth of his notion that shooting cannabis was indeed his artistic calling. “I started working in the film industry back in 2012 and later combined this art with one of my biggest passions, cannabis,” says Simone. “So, in 2017, while I was living in Rome, the Terpshotz project started to take shape. I started by shooting some CBD flowers and a little later some home grown flowers. The rest, well, you know.

I tell him that I’m interested that he decided to move to Barcelona to continue his work, instead of, say, supposed European cannabis havens like Amsterdam or Berlin.

“Barcelona is an open city,” he says. “This project allows everyone involved in the world of cannabis to open their doors to artists and professionals alike – with no sticks in the mud or negative people in the way. For me, Barcelona represented a place where the words I live by could take root: look for something bigger than yourself and try to change the world for the better.”

Calyx of Pancakes x Runtz, bred by Grounded Genetics

Trying to keep up with the passionate photographer is a feat in itself as he speaks clearly and moves smoothly from topic to topic. Simone states that his mission is no less ambitious than “strive to create a globally successful brand in both the digital and physical worlds.”

Firmly rooted in the Web 3.0 universe, Terpshotz is Simone’s agent of change, acting as a global cannabis ambassador.

“I want to create a community focused on cannabis culture through photography, thereby showing the world what an amazing and underrated cannabis flower is,” he says. “Less is no good.”

I wonder out loud how consciously Simon was about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at the beginning of his project and how NFTs affect the project now. “We are all about NFT, are you kidding?” he says excitedly. “The difference lies in the connection between digital and traditional photography, which brings added value to every owner. For example, for every Terpshotz NFT you buy, you can return a physical copy of the shot printed on methacrylate acrylic, and my team sends it straight to the owner’s mansion,” he says, laughing.

He continues, clearly inspired by the topic under discussion. “One of the ways we separate our experience from other NFTs in the cannabis space is by choosing the Ethereum blockchain to host Terpshotz NFTs,” he says. “We do this for two main reasons: to present my work to the widest possible audience, which currently sees the main photos on low-quality blockchains; and secondly, in protecting my clients, as it relates to the security of smart contracts, which is currently only provided by Ethereum. No other blockchain can offer this – and that’s a big deal.”

Freshly pressed rosin by La Kalada

As we start to sum up, Simone admits that while he is very happy to be in Barcelona at the moment, he is very happy to be able to speak with the American media enterprise. It turns out that Simone is a fan of red, white and blue.

“My biggest professional inspiration in the cannabis industry has come from the USA,” he says, a smile on his face. “I have also been fortunate to work on several American films where I have learned a lot. The thing is, most of the Americans I’ve met share my passions – cannabis, for starters – and that naturally pushes me to grow as an artist.”

I told you that the man was happy.

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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