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Web3 enthusiasts are confident that NFT projects or platforms will continue to thrive as creators shape the direction of today’s technologies to offer new and unique things. While there has been a lot of talk and speculation lately regarding NFTs and whether these digital assets are still a worthy investment, blockchain technology is still undeniably attractive.

In particular, one NFT project made a splash in the music industry. Infanity positions itself as a pioneering, fan-centric music community, helping artists achieve independent success and making fans their partners in their success.

The first Web3 fan platform for hip-hop, R&B and pop.

Built by music industry veterans, Infanity is a platform and marketplace for music NFTs. This allows fans to collaborate with promising new artists they discover and allows artists to showcase their work to new audiences. Infanity benefits artists and fans alike.

The music industry is destroyed. Recording artists cannot pay rent. Fans do not receive rewards for new artists they support. Couldn’t there be more for all of us? With the Infanity platform offering digital collectibles in our marketplace, recording artists get superfans and fans collaborate with the artists they support.”, says Renata Lowenbraun, CEO and co-founder of Infanity.

This could be a game changer for the music industry as it allows artists to monetize their music and gain direct fan support. The platform offers fans new ways to buy and try new music, allowing artists to earn a decent living.

The team explains:Our dream is to help make our artists successful and their fans feel connected and rewarded unlike anything else that exists today.

The platform is already attracting the attention of big names in the music industry. Infanity is supported by multi-platinum artists and producers such as Havoc, one half of the iconic New York rap group, Mobb Deep, and Lord Finesse, the legendary New York hip-hop producer, DJ and recording artist.

Taste of what’s to come

Infanity will release its “Infanity First” NFT on November 25, 2022. The collection will feature the work of the first signed hip-hop artist, President Davo.

We’re proud to support Baltimore-based artist President Davo, a gifted street poet with a quirky pop sensibility that everyone loves, like Tupac Shakur, who came from the same area.— said the chief operating officer and co-founder of Big Leek. “President Davo has worked very hard for the past eight years alone, and our goal is to help artists like him.

President Davo is a well-known and up-and-coming hip hop artist with over 12.2 million collective views on Youtube. Infantilism could pave the way for other artists like him, causing a monumental shift in how music is perceived. Infanity’s business model of using Web3 technology to improve the lives of artists and provide added value to dedicated fans is sure to have a huge impact on the music industry.

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