Next-Level Blockchain Ecosystem IllumiShare SRG Set to Launch Token Presale – Press Release

Next-Level Blockchain Ecosystem IllumiShare SRG Set to Launch Token Presale – Press Release

PRESS RELEASE. IllumiShare SRG, which will excite crypto enthusiasts, has announced the launch of the token pre-sale, which will take place on November 23 after the opening party in Dubai on November 22. In attendance are His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, the company’s official partner, and some Emirati government ministers among respected business partners.

The SRG Token Presale will be available to Gold List members before it is open to everyone else. In addition, the pre-sale will take place on the official website of IllumiShare SRG, and a limited number of SRG tokens will be available for purchase. This is a great opportunity for investors who want to invest in this project at an early stage. It is also a great way to make a key contribution to the future of the blockchain industry.

The fast-growing blockchain ecosystem strives to provide the best of both worlds by combining the benefits of the gold standard with state-of-the-art blockchain technology. The token is backed by three non-correlated assets: gold, money and technology. IllumiShare SRG implements a Proof-of-Gold (POG) mechanism for transparency. This includes storing physical gold reserves in a vault at a bank in Abu Dhabi and 24/7 live streaming.

The IllumiShare SRG token is not a stablecoin and does not look like a regular cryptocurrency flooding the market. So, even though the team sets a minimum price for the token, there is no cap on growth, which is something new in the industry.

IllumiShare SRG also hopes to address other important issues in the NFT sector. According to OpenSea, over 90% of NFTs on its platform are fraudulent. Therefore, the SRG Assets NFT marketplace, which will be launched next year, will feature an advanced NFT fraud protection system to help make the NFT space more secure. The system will scan every NFT uploaded by creators and remove all fraudulent projects to keep our users safe.

Through the IllumiShare SRG Token Presale, SRG hopes to provide an equal opportunity for all participants and create an inclusive community. The project team believes that the SRG token can help solve some of the problems associated with current cryptocurrencies and traditional banking due to its unique economic model.

The IllumiShare team is made up of top experts in blockchain, fintech and global banking who are passionate supporters. top managers of BlackRock, Polygon, Binance, Meta(Facebook), JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Dubai Gold Exchange, Alibaba, Microsoft, etc.

Ben Sharon, CEO of IllumiShare, said: “Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the Internet and disrupting various sectors. Combining traditional economic methods and blockchain technology, we at illumiShare SRG have created an innovative trust token that is backed by 3 non-correlated assets including physical gold, groundbreaking technology and unlimited growth. Our goal is to bring transparency to the world of crypto and give people confidence in money!”

About IllumiShare SRG

Named “Most Innovative Blockchain Ecosystem of the Year” by Entrepreneur Magazine, IllumiShare is a decentralized ecosystem based on three unrelated assets. IllumiShare’s new economic model combines time-tested commodities such as cash and gold with technologies such as a unique asset-backed NFT marketplace, a DAO payment gateway and donation plan, and a human capital wealth fund. This allows the IllumiShare SRG token to continue to grow and give people confidence during the financial crisis. Since the SRG is backed by multiple unrelated assets, it is not dependent on a single changing market or economy.

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