Netflix Eyes High-Profile Gaming |

Netflix Eyes High-Profile Gaming |

Netflix is ​​on the cusp of taking its video game plans to the next level, with the streaming service’s Los Angeles-based game office reportedly looking for a director for a new AAA PC game.

According to reports released on Wednesday (November 23), the company is also looking to hire in other roles to work with the director, looking for people with experience in first-person and third-person shooters, as well as “heavy experience working on live service games.”

In the world of video games, AAA is a term for big blockbusters like the Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty series. The news that Netflix wants someone to direct this type of game could indicate a step up from the smaller mobile games the company produces.

Netflix declined to comment, saying it is always looking for the best talent.

In August, the company said it hoped to have 50 titles for its gaming offering by the end of the year, which at the time attracted less than 1% of its users.

Last month, Netflix announced the creation of a new game development studio in California led by Overwatch executive producer Chacko Sonny, according to NME.

“He could go anywhere, he could raise money, he could do anything, and he decided to come here,” Mike Verdu, Netflix’s vice president of games, said in the report. “We are building a team around him and hope he reinvents what games can be.”

Netflix’s gaming venture is part of a broader reorganization of the company, which launched an ad-supported version of its service this year. In October, the company said it would focus less on subscriber growth.

“Focusing on subscribers in the early days was helpful, but now with such a wide range of prices, different partnerships around the world, the economic impact of each individual subscriber can be very different,” Netflix CFO Spencer said. Neumann said at the time, especially when comparing Netflix to other streaming services.

“That’s why we’re increasingly focusing on revenue as our key metric,” Neumann added. “This will be even more important as we move into 2023 and we develop new revenue streams such as advertising and paid exchanges where membership growth is just one aspect of the revenue picture.”

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