National Security Secrets Revealed in Case Against Crypto Couple Accused of Robbery

National Security Secrets Revealed in Case Against Crypto Couple Accused of Robbery

A thrilling case against a New York City hipster couple who were allegedly caught with $3.6 billion worth of stolen bitcoin has taken a more mysterious turn.

A lawsuit filed by U.S. Attorney’s on Wednesday in the case of Ilya Lichtenstein and his eccentric rapper wife Heather Morgan revealed that the investigation now concerns “classified information and national security documents.”

The document sheds little light on what top secret information entails, but prosecutors have previously argued that the couple is at serious risk of eloping due to Liechtenstein holding Russian citizenship and that the couple traveled extensively in Ukraine prior to their arrest earlier this year. .

While there, the couple collected documents and opened bank accounts with the express intention of moving to the country under assumed names, prosecutors said. The trip took place before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The lawsuit required a judge’s approval to establish certain protocols to allow the couple’s defense lawyers to view classified material.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice and Liechtenstein’s attorney declined to comment. Morgan’s attorney did not immediately respond to messages asking for comment.

Ultimately, a federal judge agreed to leave the 34-year-old Liechtenstein without bail, and he remains in custody. Morgan, 32, has been under house arrest in New York City since February, when she was released on $3 million bail. Both pleaded not guilty.

The couple were arrested the same month after investigators traced billions in BTCUSD bitcoin.
stolen from the Bitfinex exchange as a result of a hack in 2016. They were charged with conspiracy to launder money and defraud the US government, but not with actual theft.

When hackers stole approximately 120,000 bitcoins from the Bitfinex currency exchange in 2016, it cost about $71 million. When the profits were initially confiscated, their value increased to about $4.5 billion. Today it would cost less than $2 billion.

At the time, prosecutors alleged that while investigators seized $3.6 billion in stolen bitcoin from cryptocurrency wallets controlled by the couple, it was believed the couple still had access to accounts containing hundreds of millions of dollars of unaccounted for money.

This created serious problems for the couple, who allegedly spent years trying to launder an ever-growing pile of money, prosecutors said.

The case attracted widespread attention due to the curious personalities of the defendants, both of whom worked in the world of tech startups and cryptocurrencies.

Morgan, a serial entrepreneur originally from California, also supported the alter ego of the “irreverent comedic rapper” known as Razzlekhan with a series of offbeat songs and videos. Liechtenstein also bore the nickname “Dutchman”.

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