More Opportunities for Filipinos Seen in Web3 as Philippine Web3 Festival Strengthens Ties to Global Ecosystem


The Philippines is now reaping the benefits of Web3 adoption. As the country has solidified its position as a world leader in the industry in recent years, we are now seeing more career and income opportunities for Filipinos, according to the respected line-up of local and international speakers at the Philippine Web3 Festival.

The festival, held last week at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, marked the first time that world leaders from the world of crypto and web3 have gathered in the Philippines. They discussed the future of web3 and learned from Filipino founders, investors, artists, content creators and blockchain gamers how they are driving the industry forward and what are the next trends to come in the Philippines.

Yield Guild Games (YGG) Global COO Colin Goltra noted that Filipinos living in the archipelago country are already accustomed to being a network of people, which is key to the rapid adoption of web3 in the Philippines. YGG co-founder Gabby Dyson also noted the emergence of the “Filipino Worker Metaverse,” a term akin to OFW or Overseas Filipino Worker, but with a significant difference.

YGG co-founder Gabby Dyson talks about the Metaverse during the Philippine Web3 Festival. Source: Yield Guild Games (YGG)

“What we saw in the possibilities with web3, NFT and games like Axie, people can enter these virtual worlds, become a better player, science manager or even a content creator. Basically, you can find a way to make a living out there (in the Metaverse) and help support your family without being physically separated from them,” Dizon explained.

Building on this, the Filipinos Build a Global Career in Crypto Filipino Panel discussed what sets Filipinos apart when it comes to exploring new technologies and earning opportunities. Christina Vergara of Binance Europe said that Filipinos would start by searching Google for something along the lines of “How will I make money from this?” compared to other nationalities, emphasizing the entrepreneurial spirit of Filipinos.

Getting started in web3 is also easier than ever. “In order to help more Filipinos and newbies get into Metaverse, we have partnered with Globe to provide free access to our platform,” said MetaverseGo CEO Ash Mandyan. MetaverseGo is a platform or, more simply, an application with a wide range of blockchain games for users to choose from. This allows players to earn while playing and access in-game guilds including YGG on the same platform. will collaborate with 10-year-old artist Sevi for a Pinoy-themed NFT project. Source: Yield Guild Games (YGG) also graced the event to showcase it kababayany how web3 offers many opportunities for a great break. Apart from his personal experiences such as using AR or augmented reality in his concerts, the Black Eyed Peas co-founder also said that the technology helps him discover more Filipino talent by sharing with them the opportunities he got as a sponsored Filipino. migrate to the United States by their adoptive father – without having to go there.

“I like to pay up front… anything I can get back, like knowledge from the US, building classrooms and computer labs, scholarship programs, and now NFTs. I want to keep doing this, but sustainability is the hard part. And now with web3 it’s much easier in terms of sustainability. I don’t have to constantly build structures to help young people and creative people in the Philippines. Now you can do it through web3 and reach more people,” he explained.

To help with’s initiatives, the Philippine Web3 Festival will donate 1 million pesos to its foundation. During the festival, he also announced his collaboration with Sevi, a handicapped boy with autism. The kid will be part of the First Mint Fund, run by AJ Dimarucot, Scholar. The project gives Southeast Asian artists the opportunity to mint their work as NFT by providing them with the necessary fees without any strings attached.

What started out as just another means of remittance for Filipinos quickly turned into a cryptocurrency, earning a decent wage from blockchain games. Now they create, own and trade part of the Metaverse through NFTs, surrounded by helpful and engaged communities. BlockchainSpace CEO Peter Ing said the future of the Philippines looks bright and the rest of the world is watching.

“Education and regulation are important aspects of web3 implementation in the Philippines. Education removes stigma, allows Filipinos to understand what they are getting into, and builds on the community they have surrounded themselves with. Regulation, on the other hand, legitimizes players in the web3 space. It’s good that government agencies here in the Philippines are very open and far-sighted when it comes to innovations like web3,” he said.

Biggest Axie Tournament in PH

The festival concluded at Circuit Makati with the Axie Open Manila, the largest in-person blockchain esports tournament in the Philippines. The tournament featured about two hundred players, most of them Filipinos, who competed for a portion of the $250,000 prize pool, or about 7 million pesos, from November 17 to 18.

Spamandris (fourth from left) poses for the audience after winning the Axie Open Manila final. Source: Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Spamandrice, one of the highest ranked players in the competition, took home the top prize of $27,000 or over 1.5 million pesos. He beat Zarathustra in a best-of-seven final on the second day of the tournament. Five Filipino players made it into the top 16, with Martinsuuuu coming in third and winning US$12,000 or about 700,000 pesos.

The Philippine Web3 Festival was hosted by YGG and BlockchainSpace in partnership with Infinity Ventures Crypto and Emfarsis. It was jointly introduced by GCash, Globe and MetaverseGo and supported by Binance, Polygon, Huawei, Angkas, XPLA, MetaCene, MixMarvel, Rangers Protocol, BNB Chain and XY Finance. Axie Open Manila was also hosted by YGG and BlockchainSpace co-presented by Sky Mavis, Globe, MetaverseGo and Circuit Makati, overseen by the Games and Amusement Board.

About Philippine Web3 Festival

The Philippine Web3 Festival (November 14-18, 2022), hosted by Yield Guild Games and BlockchainSpace, showcased the future of Web3 and brought together a huge number of games, guilds, NFT projects, and crypto-currency venture capitalists in front of the largest and most engaged web3 audience in the world.

About Axie Open Manila

The biggest full-time Axie Infinity tournament in the Philippines will take place this November at the Circuit in Makati. Two action-packed tournament days await you, 256 hardcore lunaks and over 7 million pesos in prizes!

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace ( is a one-stop shop for all guild needs, providing the necessary scalable infrastructure, digital tools, financial solutions, and networking capabilities.

Today, BSPC allows over 24,000 guilds and 2 million players to scale the Metaverse by successfully managing and growing their communities.

About Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games ( is the largest decentralized gaming guild network focused on blockchain gaming and online learning. In an effort to provide its members with upskilling opportunities to succeed in the open Metaverse, YGG empowers its community to build its Metaverse resume through initiatives such as the Web3 metaversion in partnership with Nas Academy and the achievement-focused community token distribution protocol, Guild Advancement. . Program. YGG is also focused on supporting the growing competitive web3 esports scene and has its own team of elite esports players called YGG Elite who compete and win various web3 gaming tournaments around the world.

From its roots with YGG Pilipinas in the Philippines, where the guild was established, to a global subDAO network and partnerships with over 80 blockchain games and infrastructure projects to grow the web3 ecosystem, YGG serves an ever-expanding community of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

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