“Metaverse” could be the word of the year, Johnny Walker launches NFT, and Mattel creates NFT marketplace.

"Metaverse" could be the word of the year, Johnny Walker launches NFT, and Mattel creates NFT marketplace.

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Despite the short working week in the US due to Thanksgiving, there was no shortage of news. The Argentina national football team’s cryptocurrency token has fallen off a cliff, NFT has been negatively reviewed by Rockstar Games, and “the metaverse” has won the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year competition.

While the holiday is usually a time to watch football with the family, at the World Cup some people tuned in to watch a different kind of football (or football).

While I usually root for the US and Mexico during the monthly four-year tournament, Argentina’s shock defeat to Saudi Arabia in this week’s World Cup group stage took me by surprise.

It also apparently shocked a group of crypto investors who sold the Argentine Football Association fan token immediately after losing on Tuesday, causing it to drop more than 20%. The token is one of many crypto assets sponsored by professional football teams that give fans the ability to vote on (mostly minor) decisions made by the club and earn rewards. Some clubs, such as Barcelona, ​​have made millions selling fan tokens as they have quickly become a new source of income for sports teams.

However, others are not enthusiastic about Web3 technology. Rockstar Games, creator Grand Theft Auto video game series, said he would ban cryptocurrencies and NFTs Grand Theft Auto fan servers. Some player-run servers have included NFTs to give some players special vehicles and weapons, but this is no longer allowed.

Earlier this year, mine craft Developer Mojang Studios has stated that the Microsoft-owned game will no longer support NFT on its servers, leaving several popular titles built on mine craft servers like NFT Worlds are high and dry.

Finally, “the metaverse” is officially one of the top three contenders for Oxford’s word of the year. As we mentioned last week, trademark filings for the metaverse have skyrocketed, and it’s no secret why. As Meta continues its mission to create the VR metaverse and other such Sandbox as well as Decentraland work on versions of Web3, more and more companies and individuals want to participate in this.

Oxford University Press, which publishes the Oxford English Dictionary, is holding a public vote from November 22 to December 2 in which “Metaverse” will compete against “#IStandWith” and “Goblin Mode” for the word of the year.

In other news:

Johnny Walker and music company 88ascension released a limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label NFT on This week. Bottle design by streetwear designer VANDITEPINK. On Tuesday, Johnnie Walker released a limited number of Johnnie Walker Blue Label NFT bottles priced at $355, which users can sell on the BlockBar marketplace or exchange for a physical bottle.

Contributed by Johnny Walker

November 27 to December 3, Web3 Publishing nft now and organization of urban renewal Normal mana take over 12 buildings and two city blocks in downtown Miami for an immersive experience featuring artists, community partners, speakers and performers. The Gateway: a Web3 metropolis sponsored by moonpaywill feature art, games, music, culture and fashion. nft now CEO and Editor-in-Chief Matt Bear. “It follows from this unifying principle that together is always better, especially in the midst of a bear market,” he told Fortune.

Metaverse platform Sandboxsubsidiary Brands Animok, announced the sale of 1900 digital real estate plots for those who are interested in owning a piece of the virtual world. The land plots are located in the new microdistricts of the city. Sandbox and is supported by 14 brands and celebrities. The sale will open on November 24 and will cover three waves through 2023. Paris Hilton, TIME, Tony Hawkas well as Snoop Dogg.

Courtesy of Sandbox

Mattelcreator of Hot Wheels and Barbiethis week launched its own NFT trading platform based on Flow blockchain. The new marketplace will not require buyers to use cryptocurrencies and will integrate a peer-to-peer trading platform in early 2023. On December 15, the company will release its first NFT collection on the new platform, a batch of Hot Wheels NFTs start at $25 for a seven-pack, which can include cars from companies like McLaren, Chevrolet, Honda, Aston Martin, Oldsmobile, Pagani, and Cadillac.

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