Meet nft now x Christie’s Showcase Artists

Meet nft now x Christie's Showcase Artists

One important collaboration is set to make a huge splash at The Gateway 2022. Of course, it’s the upcoming NFT exclusive online auction by traditional auction house Christie. The Christie’s 3.0 sale will feature the work of some of the most renowned artists in attendance at The Gateway 2022 and will showcase some of the most creative and visionary pieces the NFT space has to offer.

The showcase marks the second year in a row that nft and Christie’s have collaborated at The Gateway during Miami Art Week. In 2021, nft became the first digital media publication to co-curate the auction house’s massive sale with Christie’s and OpenSea, which closed at $3.6 million.

Throughout The Gateway 2022, visitors are free to dive (and possibly own) the works of these up-and-coming cryptographers from around the world. Don’t forget to submit your free ticket application here for a chance to be a part of NFT art history.

Andres is an American photographer and artist best known for pushing the boundaries of what is and is not acceptable in art. Case in point: The Pee of Christ is one of the most notable works of his career. there was a photograph of a crucifix immersed in a jar containing what many believe to be the artist’s urine. After a years-long career that saw him work with the likes of Metallica, Serrano has since entered the NFT art scene as one of its newest provocateurs. Piss Christ is now available as an NFT for the first time in 35 years of its existence.

Pissing Christ. Source: Andres Serrano

After he became a freelance graphic designer whose work helped a lot in the development Ender `s game film adaptation and Remember everything After the reboot, Thorp founded ALT, Creative Inc., working on projects such as designing the Batmobile for 2022. Batman click. Despite all this, Thorpe has also maintained a steady release of personal art, one of which was NFT Degradation, which sold at Christie’s in 2021 at the height of the NFT bull run.

Degradation. Source: Ash Thorpe

Ayla El Moussa works in the field of photography and cinema, combining the aesthetics of sensuality, the unbridled power of nature and femininity in unique works of art. El Moussa was one of the artists contributing to the Miami Beach Art Collection, an NFT set inspired by themes relating to Playboy’s past, present and future. Her piece for this collection, Ride The Wave, which features the iconic Playboy Bunny figurine, sold for just under 70 ETH. In August 2021, she released Naked Pixels, a collection of 40 self-portraits in pixelated form that have reached almost 16 ETH in trading volume since their release. Always presenting nudity with a special class, El Moussa has released a number of NFTs including a single edition of “Mirror Mirror”, “Reflection of Self” and “Bodyscape II”.

The sand of time. Source: Ayla El Moussa

Kat Simard is a wildlife photographer and digital artist who created the world’s first image with the rights released after the sale of 1/1 NFT on the blockchain: #freehawaiiphoto. In support of land and communities in Hawaii, a portion of the proceeds from the sale were donated to non-profit organizations including the Key Project, Ho’okua’āina, and Cultural Survival. One of the top NFT artists in the world, Simard has exhibited his work at Sotheby’s and has been featured in several publications, including Sony Alpha Universe, DP review, Art of Visuals, Open Skies magazine, as well as Street photography magazine. In addition to advocating fair compensation and artist recognition, Simard uses her creative composite images to raise environmental awareness. Her scenes often feature ephemeral cold landscapes that represent a planet in the midst of rapid climate change.

An asphalt road cuts through lush, vibrant green trees and vegetation, stretching into the distance where steep mountains and dark clouds rise into the sky.
Free Hawaii. Source: Kat Simard

Dave Krugman is a New York-based photographer and writer who wholeheartedly embraced the NFT community as a new platform for self-expression and learning for fellow creators. After the successful release of his DRIVE collection, built over 10 years of street photography, Krugman founded the creative community ALLSHIPS.CO. Through this community, Krugman hopes to highlight and nurture growing talent in the NFT arts community as “the tide lifts all ships.”

Dave Krugman Drip Drop NFT
Cap-cap. Source: Dave Krugman.

Random International started in 2005 as the brainchild of Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass. Today it has evolved into a multinational team of artists working in tandem to explore the impact our increasingly technology-dependent society is having on the human condition through vast interactive installations that bring together a wide variety of mediums and expressions. For one of their most notable recent collaborative efforts, they teamed up with Danil Krivoruchko to create the Life in Our Minds NFT series. In this work, Krivoruchko has applied his considerable creativity to the creation of a collection that is designed to remain in the wallet of every owner.

Flock’s mother. Source: Random International x Danil Krivoruchko

Perhaps best known for co-creating the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult Web3 franchise with the rest of his group, Elf J. Trul’s creative vision has also found its way into a variety of other solo projects. Without the constraints of pixel art, Trul’s independent NFT outlets have continually allowed his digital art prowess to shine, providing his followers with valuable glimpses of what the Web3 media franchise he helped create might look like when it reaches its full potential.

AlphaGiga. Source: Elf Jay Troul

In the digital worlds, Ponce, who has been called the “NFT psychologist”, often sees the artist conjure up psychedelic imagery as a vehicle for his creative expression. The bizarre imaginary medium that has dominated Ponce’s work has resonated with collectors throughout the NFT space, with the total value of his portfolio at the time of writing estimated at nearly $180,000.

Happy souls get restless anyway. Source: Louis Ponce

Belgian artist Robin Way, perhaps better known to the NFT community as RhymezLikeDimez, rose through the ranks in the creative world by combining his love of music with creativity. He has also had great success working with some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Throughout his career he has created visual effects for artists such as Dua Lipa, Wiz Khalifa, Anderson Paak and more.

2009. Source: Rhymezlikedimez.

Sasha Stiles’ work in the NFT space has largely focused on bridging the gap between text and technology. A lifelong love of poetry and literature, Stiles drew on that interest for her work as an AI researcher and in turn an NFT artist. The cross-pollination of Stiles’ work may have come to a head with BINA48, a remarkably well-read humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. Styles is also known for co-founding theVERSEverse, a crypto-literary collective that explores how Web3 can positively impact the lives of literary practitioners even more.

Completion: Fragments. Source: Sasha Stiles

Mike Parisella, better known as digital collage artist SlimeSunday, works with motion graphics to create abstract artwork featuring vibrant colors and surreal (almost creepy) imagery. Many of his works depict people whose faces are sucked in by electronic devices. SlimeSunday is also the Art Director DJ and Producer of 3LAU Electronic Dance Music. He rose to prominence as an NFT performer after the pandemic halted 3LAU’s touring and the duo decided to turn to NFT. Together they formed SSX3LAU and began selling unreleased songs with exclusive visuals. Through these efforts, they have earned over $1.1 million in NFT sales. SlimeSunday continues to market his creations as NFTs and his work has been featured in various publications including Playboy, Penthouseas well as Glamor magazine.

Mona Sativa. Source: Slimesunday

Corey Van Lew is a visual artist whose style has come to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Van Lew, who is known for using bright colors to evoke positivity, said his pre-pandemic work was usually driven by annoyance before he switched to spending weeks on individual pieces to instill only good intentions in them. His NFTs, which are heavily based on moments in his life, quickly catapulted him into the upper echelon of crypto artists in early 2021, leading to Mike Tyson recruiting him for the first-ever legendary boxer NFT. Corey remains one of the most unique and prominent artists in the crypto space, and influential names and brands continue to hire him to work with NFTs.

Kylie Bug. Source: Corey Van Lew.

After working as a freelance illustrator, when Goldcat joined the NFT community in 2021, she found herself one of many creatives now freed from the restrictions placed on them by their previous work. In a few short years, she has established herself as one of the most important artists on Tezos and hopes to encourage future artists to seek their creative release in the growing NFT space.

Created #5. Source: Goldcat

Mikael Zancan, simply known in the NFT space as Zancan, is a former oil painter and longtime programmer hailing from the south of France. In the NFT community, Zancan is known for his extraordinary and critically acclaimed plotter art. Due to the fact that his NFTs are mostly minted on the Tezos blockchain, he has become something of a celebrity in the Tezos NFT community and is one of the most accomplished artists releasing collections in the fxhash NFT market. Working on the convergence of figurative and generative art, Zancan’s artwork appears far from algorithmic and is created with coded instructions and an expert eye for balancing the density of plants and trees.

Oak, part №-1,-1 Zanki.
The Oak Tree Part #-1,-1 Source: Zanca

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