Ignore the Crypto Crash, Christie’s Continues to Sell Over 15 NFTs to Celebrate Miami Art Week

Ignore the Crypto Crash, Christie's Continues to Sell Over 15 NFTs to Celebrate Miami Art Week

Cryptocurrency does not survive 2022. Bitcoin prices fell 65 percent, NFT trading volume fell 97 percent, and the crash of FTX showed that the sector is as financially dubious as it is morally bankrupt.

One might think that this is hardly the ideal time for Christie’s to actually launch its specialized NFT operations. The auction house, however, is bullish, announcing The Next Wave: Miami Edith sale with spring 2021 cheerful optimism. Why not? He has an NFT pedigree. He has collected some of the biggest names in crypto art. It boasts Christie’s 3.0 online auction platform.

“Despite the crypto news cycle, there remains a lot of interest in digital art,” Nicole Sales Giles, director of digital art at Christie’s, told Artnet News. “Collectors want to own the finest art, and Christie’s 3.0 is the meeting point.”

The auction, which will run from November 30 to December 7, is timed to coincide with Miami Art Week, an event that became a real celebration of the IRL cryptocurrency last year. The top lot is Mother Flock a generative project created by Random International and Danil Krivoruchko that allows the viewer to manipulate a flock of thousands of bird-like figures. Other lots include a shot by Dave Krugman, an American photographer with a passion for cars; Untitled naturalist and programmer Zancan; and correspondingly, City of Miamiserenely colorful work by Corey Van Lew.

“Untitled” Zancan. Courtesy of Christie’s

“We have curated a close-knit group of digital artists who are creating very high quality work and helping to advance the digital art space,” said Sales Giles. “They are the next generation of digital artists.”

The auction follows the successful debut of Christie’s 3.0 with the sale of works by young NFT star Diana Sinclair. All works sold 145 percent above the lower estimate. It was also seen that 300 customers connected their cryptocurrency wallets to Christie’s 3.0.

Christie’s was one of the early mainstream proponents of the NFT movement and crypto art. The Beeple auction house sold $69 million last year. Daily: first 5000 days and major sales of Cryptopunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club followed.

Initial prices for “Next Wave: The Miami Edit” range from 4 to 80 ETH, although no one knows exactly how much it will cost in fiat currency by the time the auction begins.

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