Excellent game just launched on Steam –

Excellent game just launched on Steam -

A few days ago we discussed why Superior is launching on Steam despite the ongoing NFT ban. We have concluded that Superior will launch without Web3 features. Gala Games officially announced (16/11) yesterday about how their first person shooter just launched and can’t be played on the Steam Web3 platform!

The first-person shooter from Gala Games and Drifter is available on the Steam platform for 17.84 euros with a 15% discount, which is valid until November 23rd.

The game launched with a bunch of content right at the gate: 5 power packs, 3 playable characters, 40 weapons, 26 mobs, 6 bossesand more.

Also, according to Steam, there’s been a major update that has added some new features and exciting new content!


  • New boss: Uprising (new content)
  • New map: Bunker (new content)
  • Added volt powers (new content)
  • The damage of Xeno and Fire powers has slightly increased.
  • A “Deposit all” button has been added to the ATM.
  • Added ATM base interest rate.
  • The number of gigs and goals have been rebalanced to make them more achievable.
  • The amount of XP required for each level has been significantly reduced.
  • Added new hot music tracks and sound effects.


  • Added a kill counter and timer to the UI during a call.
  • Challenges are now seeded to help reduce randomness.
  • Fixed enemy spawn groups.
  • Target locations are fixed.
  • The abilities, items, and weapons offered to players are random.
  • Time spent at the bar no longer counts towards total time. Take your time 🙂

branching paths (New feature):

  • After defeating a major boss, the teleporter can be configured to take you to new worlds to save…with an extra challenge!

Snacks (New feature)

  • Collects snacks for completing missions. Eat snacks at the bar to get a temporary boost!
    • One Pound Burrito – Gain +10 Max Health in 3 Encounters.
    • Really Hard Hard Tack – Gain +25% melee damage over 3 encounters.
    • Brutewurst – Total damage is increased by 25% for 3 encounters.
    • Kaiju Burger – Get 1 self-heal before the end of the run.


  • Added automatic scaling of the character’s total damage bar up to level 30. (General)
  • Juicy Surprise now gives a Power Damage Boost Kit instead of a random Power Family. (General)

(Ronin) While we enjoyed Ronin’s power fantasy, his damage potential far outweighed his comrades by a staggering amount. We’ve reduced the damage bonuses from many of his damage-focused skills to bring him in line with Murmur and Nomad.

His early wood stamina was also too great and could push the ronin to run much further than expected. Small changes to Energy Efficient and Energizing Blade will force aggressive players to approach situations more tactfully without depriving him of his tanking potential.

  • Base stats changed to 10 armor and 20 health.
  • Energy saving damage reduction reduced from 75% to 50%.
  • Energizing Blade melee damage bonus reduced from 25% to 15%.
  • In Your Face damage reduced from 10/20/30% to 3/6/9%.
  • Get In There damage bonus reduced from 10/15/25% to 2/4/7%.
  • Reduced the Overshield bonus to Energizing Kills from 5 per close kill from 3
  • Base stats changed to 10 Armor and 10 Health (Nomad)
  • Devastation now stuns armored enemies when triggered (Nomad)

(muttering) Ducking in and out of combat and circling around enemies is a fun gameplay loop, but too complex to be rewarded. Fade Away now makes it much easier to flank formations, and the new Explosive Exit stun gives her a unique angle of control and forces her enemies to backstab devastatingly!

The fast recovery in the late tree was just too crazy, allowing players to actually become immortal. Now, players can only stave off the inevitable before having to back off and catch their breath for a second pass, playing on her more rogue nature.

  • Base stats reduced to 10 armor and 15 health.
  • “Backstab” changed to “Flank” to better indicate what the player must do to receive the bonus.
  • When using Fade Away, all enemies are considered surrounded.
  • Reduced exit burst damage
  • Explosive Exit now stuns enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Quick Recovery armor regen reduced from 25/35/50% to 10/20/30%.
  • Removed the mark “Mark” from the flatfoot.
  • Holo Swarm has been changed to significantly reduce the cooldown of After Image instead of immediately creating five holograms.

Error correction:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Ice Melee to not apply the damage of a held attack.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Fire reapply to trigger Hot Burn too frequently.
  • Have patched up some holes in the world
  • Improved Orbital Laser Replication
  • Fixed Murmur’s holograms not playing their shooting animation and not firing as often.
  • Fixed crash after loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where matchmaking would incorrectly report that all servers are full.
  • Optimized beautiful graphics
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Steam Edition Superior

To get down to business,in The Steam version of Superior does not support NFT or any other blockchain technology. However, Steam players are allowed to play co-op with players who are on other platforms as Superior is currently a fully fledged cross-platform title.” Gala Games said.

Gala Games ended its announcement article with the words: “The more people who play and enjoy our games, regardless of platform, the better for everyone.” I think we can agree on that, as Steam boasts over 120 million active users and a solid hardcore gaming community.

superiors it’s a first person shooter, NFTsand P2E games from Gala Games. We also released a review about him a month ago, on September 14th. Stay tuned to learn more about the launch of Superior on the Steam gaming platform!

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