Ethereum vs Polygon? The right choice – Metacaid

Ethereum vs Polygon?  The right choice - Metacaid

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Ethereum vs Polygon was a question that has been on the lips of many investors over the last year as the bull market continued to rage. While Ethereum (ETH) has been the main blockchain for decentralized finance projects and NFT issuances, Polygon (MATIC) has started to become a competitor for free NFT listing on Open Sea. There was a chance that Polygon could catch up with Ethereum, but if investors are looking for huge returns, then none of them are likely to turn a profit in the short term. Log in to Metacad.

What is Metacad?

Metacad is a brand new project currently participating in a token presale for their MCADE utility token. The project focuses on the popular play-to-earn gaming sector in the expanding metaverse.. Both of these sectors look set to have a huge impact on the world of cryptocurrencies in the future, and Metacade is looking to make that worse by bringing in something truly revolutionary. The platform aims to be the ultimate hub for developers and gamers to meet and collaborate within a complete gaming ecosystem.

At this stage, the main goal of the project is to grow a strong user base and build the world’s first community-driven metaverse arcade game. Metacade is committed to delivering greater value to developers, gamers, and investors at all levels of the gaming landscape. Users can earn rewards and support the project with MCADE staking. Developers can receive grants to create new games, and gamers can test and review them cyclically and sustainably.

Instead of investing in a single project or game that may or may not succeed, Metacade has the advantage of being a hub for multiple projects and thus better diversification. It’s like investing in Disney or Netflix rather than one movie. Or invest in Sony instead of one game.

Ethereum Merger Won’t Change in the Short Term

Ethereum recently completed the long-awaited transition from Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain architecture. The so-called Merge upgrade has been in the making for years and many investors were hoping that it could trigger a rise in the coin. In the end, the switch to PoS just made Ethereum 99.95% more energy efficient. This is a step in the right direction, but ETH is not expecting a big rally in the near future.

“Polygon” lost a chance to catch up

Polygon started to show some signs of breaking into the top 5 coins last year as it became a popular buying option for OpenSea NFTs. But the project actually peaked at $20 billion in market capitalization, which at the time was far from the $500 billion peak in ETH. One of the big disadvantages of Polygon is the much larger mintage of 8.5 billion coins compared to Ethereum’s 122 million. Polygon has lost the opportunity to become a household name in a bull market, and the short-term outlook does not suggest a major change in fortunes.

Why should you invest in Metacade?

Metacade offers a revolutionary platform that will serve two of the most popular crypto sectors in the coming years: Play-to-earn and metaverse. The project also expands on the “play to earn” theme by creating to earn, giving developers the opportunity to profit from their creation efforts. The obvious trajectory of P2E arcade in virtual worlds will include elements of NFT and DeFi for a full-fledged Game-Fi platform.

Ethereum and Polygon are focused on providing services to other projects and hosting smart contracts and decentralized applications. The dream of using them as a payment method has faded, and while they will eventually attract investors and developers, the upside potential will be slow. P2E and the metaverse will bring a huge number of daily users in the future, and the Metacade arcade will be the perfect hangout. for both casual and serious gamers.


Cryptocurrency investors have been hit by a bear market and Polygon has lost the chance to catch up with Ethereum. The latter has now upgraded to a cleaner blockchain, but the short term outlook for both is likely to be slow. The roadmap for Metacade in 2023 will start with a big marketing campaign that continues to attract a large following. Once this is completed, immediate demand for MCADE and the resulting hype on platforms like Reddit could bring huge returns to early investors.. The development of the arcade and the global implementation of the metaverse will be a real spark for this innovative project.

You can take part in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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