DraftKings Reignmakers Week 11 results

DraftKings Reignmakers Week 11 results

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Week 11 of the DraftKings Reignmakers was one of the highest scoring weeks of the season, with some events requiring less than 130 fantasy points to win. Unlike the previous two lists, in which Justin Fields appeared on every winning list, this week’s winners are Derek Carr, Joe Burrow and Daniel Jones at quarterback.

Also, Davante Adams was the top scoring wide receiver that day, but as a SuperStar he only appeared on three of the five winning lineups. Both Amari Cooper and Tony Pollard made the four out of five list.

Adams was also the only superstar to jump out for a big game. Despite better performances on paper, SuperStars Saquon Barkley and Justin Jefferson finished with 5.5 and 6.3 DKFP respectively.

Tony Pollard finished with nearly 40 DKFP despite the return of Ezekiel Elliott. I believe his Reignmakers cards will continue to rise in value ahead of his upcoming Thanksgiving home game against the Giants.

The perfect lineup this week was Jacoby Brisset-Tony Pollard-Davante Adams-Amari Cooper-Samaye Perine. However, Perin was off the radar of most players, and Joe Mixon’s early departure was to his advantage.

This week also featured the DraftKingdom: Trolls contest, which paid out $2,000 in prizes and required the Troll NFT, which can be purchased at Marketplace DraftKings.

Here’s a look at the winning teams at each level from the main list:

Basic line

The $50,000 CORE winner of the Fiat Frenzy was dukeman332, which included former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones. This team scored 157.34 DKFP, the highest score among the winners. Jones finished in QB3 overall and had his best 341 passing yards this season. It was the only winning team with Jonathan Taylor, who finished with a modest 17.4 DKFP.

DraftKingdom: Troll Roster

The winner of the DraftKingdom: Trolls contest was christopher502 who, despite earning only 5.8 DKFP from Miles Sanders, won the contest by over 10 points. Ty Higgins was the beneficiary of Ja’Marr Chase being eliminated again, making him a great stack partner with Burrow on this sheet. In this closed competition of 771 troll owners, christopher502 won $300 with a win.

RARE line

The winner of the $80k Fiat Frenzy at the RARE level was dharding for 153.8 DKFP with another stack from Joe Burrow and Ty Higgins. It was the only winner on David Montgomery’s roster to have his best game of the season with 121 yards in scrimmage and a rushing touchdown. Darding earned $10,000 for winning this contest.

ELITE line

The winner of the $100,000 ELITE challenge was bernthjs, who racked up 150.28 DKFP with a stack of Derek Carr-Davante Adams. It was the only winning team with Chris Olav, who finished the WR5 overall with 24.2 DKFP. Despite Andy Dalton struggling with a deep ball, he connected with Olav for 53 yards, the rookie’s third touchdown of the year. bernthjs won the biggest prize in the ELITE rankings.


The winner of the $100,000 LEGENDARY challenge was Al_Smizzle, who had a four-man stack in Broncos/Raiders. Despite the modest final score of 22-16, there were some positives in this game due to the concentration of both attacks. On the Raiders’ side, injuries to Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow allowed for increased production for Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs. On the other hand, an injury to Jerry Judy last week saw Courtland Sutton become the Broncos’ lead receiver in place of Russell Wilson. In this competition with 605 players, 128.68 DKFP was enough to take first place.

REIGNMAKER model range

The $125,000 REIGNMAKER Alpha winner was StealCityHall, who won without a SuperStar player. Despite the low score, this team won by almost 24 DKFP. It was the only winning team with Stephon Diggs, who was the player with the highest record in this competition with 15.2 percent. Luckily for StealCityHall, four of those five players can be redesigned for three Thanksgiving games on Thursday.

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