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Key events

67 min Brazil misses a very good chance at half-time. Neymar leads two to one but delays the pass to Vinicius and he is captured. Vinicius retrieves the ball himself, but slips and hits wide.

66 min It was Richarlison’s eighth goal for Brazil in seven games that year.

66 min: Serba double substitution Dusan Vlahovic and Darko Lazovic replaced Lukic and Mladenovic.

64 min Casemiro hits Tadić, while Lukić begs the referee to show a yellow card. He turns to Lukic for disagreeing.

It was coming. For the first time in the game, Serbia seemed to be holding on. Neymar tried to free space on the left side of the penalty area, but then intercepted the ball. Vinicius Júnior landed a surprise first try shot miraculously deflected by Milinkovic-Savic to his left, but Richarlison got ahead of Pavlovic on the rebound and scored into an empty net.

The Brazilian team is doing some weird duck dancing.
The Brazilian team is doing some weird duck dancing. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

GOAL! Brazil 1-0 Serbia (Richarlison 63)

Richarlison continues his successful streak!

Brazil Goal!
Brazil Goal! Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

60 min: Sandro hits the post! Almost a goal out of nothing. Left-back Alex Sandro, who was calm on offense, moves forward and delivers a terrific 25-yard shot that hits Milinkovic-Savic and bounces off the post.

Alex Sandro pings alone against the post!
Alex Sandro pings alone against the post! Photograph: Mark Atkins/Getty Images

59 min Brazil drew in the first leg of the 2018 World Cup 1-1 against Switzerland. Prior to that, they had won every first game since Clive Thomas blew the whistle in 1978.

58 min Canopy Tadic on a rare corner for Serbia. He takes it himself, spinning an angry inwinger that flies into the air at the near post. The clearance is completed by another Brazilian player behind the far post.

58 min “I think Serbia in this game knows exactly how to play their cards against Brazil,” says Ayana Solaka. “It looks like their game plan does not allow Brazil to score a goal, so they are more focused on defense than attack. I have a feeling that Brazil lacks cohesion as a team, which leads to a lot of small failures. It will be a difficult game! But I hope the Brazilians win.”

Yes, I suspect Serbia’s plan was to stay in the game for as long as possible and try to steal a point or three in the last 10-20 minutes.

57 min: Double substitution for Serbia Ivan Ilic and Nemanja Radonich replaced Gudel and Zivkovic.

55 min. Chance for Neymar! Vinicius receives the ball on the left side of the penalty area, looks up and makes an accurate low cross towards Neymar. The first time he takes it with his left foot at 12 yards and hits it far from the near post. It was a brilliant ball from Vinicius.

54 min Vinicius overtakes Milenkovic from the left, then crashes into Veljkovic and crosses into the center. Nothing came of it, but it was a great play on the flanks.

53 min Pavlovich makes a stunning final tackle on Rafinya in the area. If he had made a mistake, it would have been a penalty and possibly a second yellow card.

52 min “From a bar in Brasilia,” Jack writes. “The crowd is really booing Neymar! It seems that even jogo bonito does not exceed the support of Bolsonaro!”

51 min. A corner kick ricocheted off a couple of players at the near post and struck Richarlison, whose instant shot from close range was blocked.

Neymar is cornered.
Neymar is cornered. Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

50 min The free kick was 20 yards left of centre, so perfect for Neymar…

49 min Casemiro takes the ball halfway and passes to Neymar. He heads straight for the location and is about to enter it when Gudel knocks him down. A clean yellow card and a good opportunity for Brazil.

48 min Rafinha had Brazil’s two best chances. We didn’t see a replay of this recent opportunity, but it looked like a decent save.

47 min “Not to mention Richarlison, Rafinha, Martinelli and Jesus. To what extent could they use Firmino’s dastardly ruse?” reflects Matt Doni. “It’s not that I mind him having a month’s vacation…”

46 min: Chance for Rafinha! Brazil almost scored in the 35th second. Goalkeeper Milinkovic-Savic made a terrible pass to Gudel, which was caught by Rafinha, but he corrected his mistake by spreading out and making a great save at point blank range.

Big chance for Raphinha!
Big chance for Raphinha! Photograph: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

46 min Pee-pee! Serbia started the second half. Neymar spends the first 18 seconds of the half tying his shoelaces.

“How are Rafinha and Richarlison ahead of Martinelli and Jesus?” asks Andrew Hurley. “Rafinha was hardly amazing at Leeds, Richarlison can’t start (mostly) for Spurs and they are ahead of the team’s two stars with the best start in the Premier League in years… watching these two and thinking about the pair’s level Arsenal this season…

Martinelli doesn’t really play on the right, does he? Richarlison is ahead of Jesus largely due to the form of the national team. Richarlison has scored seven goals this year; Jesus has one in the last three years. However, I know who I would least like to defend against.

Richarlison scores goals for Brazil.
Richarlison scores goals for Brazil. Photo: Tolga Bozoglu/EPA

Break reading

Today’s World Cup took an unexpected turn when Carlos Queiroz channeled his inner David Brent.

“Being an Oxford United fan over the past 30 years, I can assure you that constant fouling is also part of much of the English game,” says Michael Chilcott. “Not sure about that ‘South American football = fouls and cheating and everyone else is clean’.”

I don’t know where you get such an idea about English football.

Break: Brazil 0-0 Serbia

Pee-pee! Tite chose five offensive players, seven if full-backs are included, eight if Casemiro’s pass is included, but a resilient, well-organized Serbia limited Brazil to only one clear chance for Rafinha.

See you in 10 minutes in the second half.

In the first half, the Brazilians were a bit tired.
In the first half, the Brazilians were a bit tired. Photo: Bagu Blanco/Pressinphoto/Shutterstock

45 min There will be one minute of added time.

45 min I would like to know how many touches there were between Richarlison and Mitrovic. It’s not triple digits, that’s for sure.

43 min “Is it just me,” writes Chris Barry, “or does Brazilian coach Tite remind anyone else of Harry Grout from Oatmeal?”

Harry Grout
“Big tickle, your last job. I hope the money is safely hidden. Photo: Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock

41 min Serbia nearly paid the price for daring to attack. Brazilian pause when someone (I DON’T GET IT WELL) makes a long pass down the field. Milenkovic tried to hook him over his shoulder, right in the penalty area, but kicked Vinicius Jr. He ran on goal and was about to shoot when Milenkovic made a fine tackle.

39 min Ownership hours: Brazil 60-40 Serbia. Feels closer to 70-30, but oh well. In any case, Serbia will be almost completely satisfied with how the first half went.

37 min Tadic returns the pass to Zivkovic, whose very deep cross Mladenovic (I think) misses. Eighth chance at best.

36 min “The days of a creative attacking Brazilian team are long gone,” writes Jeff Sachs. “All that’s left is constant fouls… a hallmark of modern South American football.”

35 min: Chance for Rafinha! Brazil should be ahead. Rafinha struts across the field from the right, makes a great one-two with Paqueta, but then submissively lands a side kick on Milinkovic-Savic from about 15 yards.

Rafinha should do better from this position.
Rafinha should do better from this position. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

34 min Serbia’s formation is theoretically 3-4-2-1, but at the moment it’s more of a 5-4-0-1. However, it works.

31 min Rafinha takes a corner but Paqueta returns it with a stylish heel kick. Rafinha shoots low to the near post and Milinkovic-Savic intercepts the ball in front of Thiago.

30 minutes Casemiro makes a great pass to Rafinha from the right side of the penalty area. He goes forward and Milenkovic goes behind. The death of Casemiro is a farce.

Football weekly department

27 min: Amazing goalkeeper Milinkovic-Savic! Thiago Silva, the old swindler, comes forward unhindered and makes a criminal pass to send Vinicius on goal, but Milinkovic-Savic gets off his line so quickly and dives bravely at Vinicius’s feet.

Brilliant goalkeeper Milinkovic-Savic deprived Vinicius Jr.
Brilliant goalkeeper Milinkovic-Savic deprived Vinicius Jr. Photo: Andrey Isakovich/AFP/Getty Images

26 min “The most annoying thing about the Brazilian national team over the past three decades or so has been their constant tactical fouls,” says Kari Tulinius. “For example, they seem to take turns hitting the Serbian player who has the ball closest to the halfway line, stopping the attacks before they develop. It’s effective, but very annoying, and that’s why I’ve never considered them.”

Yes, it’s interesting that for the last 30 years Brazil has been the world’s top exporter of defensive midfielders. I don’t think they even acknowledged their existence until the late 1980s.

The ballet glittering fingers of Gilberto Silva in the 2002 final.
The ballet glittering fingers of Gilberto Silva in the 2002 final. Photo: Patrick Herzog/EPA

25 min It’s a little better from Serbia. Tadic goes down the right flank and makes a deep cross to Mitrovic. Alisson comes from his line to claim power.

24 min Serbia looks good in defense, but Aleksandar Mitrovic has nothing to eat yet. It’s an intriguing game, not an exciting one.

23 min “Hi Rob,” says Kevin Dwyer. “As a young electrical apprentice in 1966, I, along with several other apprentices, was inspired by England’s victory in the World Cup final. Six of us decided to save £4 a week from our meager wages to attend the 1970 World Cup. The two of us were stuck in it despite the loud call of music, booze and women. At 21, I watched every England game plus the final at the Azteca Stadium. I saw the greats of that era in the flesh, and the hands-off attitude of the time led us to mingle with the players in their hotels.

“As the years went by, the doctors told me that the last World Championship would almost certainly be my last. I’m still enjoying the Guardian coverage of the game, looking forward to updates on the timeline.”

Well, so far this is my favorite letter about the World Cup.

21 min Casemiro hits the curler from afar, but Milinkovic-Savic confidently hits the ball.

Casemiro has an attempt on goal.
Casemiro has an attempt on goal. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters

21 min Neymar throws a shot from 30 yards that Veljkovic blocks. It was beautifully hit.

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