Blockchain designed to build a metaverse

Blockchain designed to build a metaverse

Peer Inc is a technology company specializing in consumer electronics, software and services for the augmented reality metaverse.

Peer not only aims to disrupt the status quo by innovating and driving mass adoption, like Bill Gates put a PC on every desktop, but it also offers elegant ease of use that represents relentless user-centricity, just like Steve Jobs did. with their famous brand.

What is a peer?

Peer, founded in 2021 by Tony Tran, was a Web3 social network and metaverse ecosystem built on top of its own high-performance blockchain, which is designed to be even faster than Solana and Avalanche.

The Internet has been developed over the past 30 years, and now Web3 is its next generation. With the next generation Internet, users can not only own their data, but also transfer it to multiple applications.

In addition, creators can receive rewards in the form of tokens. Web3 allows you to create all new media formats that were not possible before. In addition, new business models will not depend on advertising.

In Web3, users own their entire digital footprint, which Peer calls Decentralized Federated Identity (DFI).

Users will be able to create public utilities such as access tokens to their data, so they won’t have to share their DFI with every service they register with. It also helps reduce their vulnerability online.

Services that users want to use will require a token to share, and they can even revoke access at will. People will own their digital wallets and their wallets will be linked to application data.

Web3 offers a decentralized alternative where we are all users, owners and developers. We all benefit from the implementation of the network together.

Get ready to innovate

Peer is the first vertically integrated L1-L4 blockchain stack built from the ground up for a complete blockchain ecosystem designed with the express purpose of building a metaverse.

Its L1 is a proprietary, proof-of-life multi-blockchain implementation #US11463397B2 that is expected to reach millions of transactions per second to support its new metaverse ecosystem.

Through a vertically integrated ecosystem containing the entire blockchain stack and services, Peer enables the mass adoption of crypto through consistent interaction with the product, making blockchain technology useful and relevant to everyday life.

The platform is built to take advantage of a broad and deep IP portfolio that spans utility and industrial design patents in both software and hardware. In addition, the platform was developed without the influence of venture capital.

Peer is building the World Wide Web of tomorrow by providing the World Wide Web experience through augmented reality.

Imagine a completely new type of social network, the essence of which is not only to go out with a phone, smartwatch or augmented reality (AR) glasses, but also to interact with digital content hosted in a specific place in real life. the world. your friends, other authors and companies.

Yes, Peer makes the Internet available to you in augmented reality. As a result, content is no longer at your fingertip, it appears at a glance.

Partner: Products

  • Peer Blockchain
  • Peer Explorer is an explorer experience for your blockchain. Issue 12/2022
  • Peer Validator is a desktop application available for download starting January 01, 2023.
  • Peer Domains – Domains are a naming system on the peer-to-peer block chain for .pmc wallet addresses. Issue 2/2023
  • Peer Wallet is a typical self-storage wallet. Issue 01/2023
  • Peer Exchange is Peer’s crowdfunding platform. Issue 11/2022
  • Peer wAuth is Peer’s decentralized identity manager.
  • Issue 03/2023
  • Peer Mint is Peer’s NFT mining engine. Issue 12/2022

peer subspace

An augmented reality social platform that allows people to navigate, connect, create and explore the Peer AR network. Release MVP 12/2022.

Equal Laboratories

Genesis is an open source augmented reality headset in the second quarter of 2023 for developers of the Peer AR platform.

Peer Glasses – augmented reality glasses for consumers

How To: Get Started With Peer

The Peer blockchain is the world’s first distributed ledger designed specifically to support Web3 and the Metaverse. In addition to its incredible speed, the Peer blockchain uses Nominated Proof-of-Stake to provide scalability and interoperability between sustainable footprint chains.

You will be able to build decentralized applications on top of Peer using Rust, an open source systems programming language designed for outstanding concurrency, speed, performance and reliability.

As stated, you can always use AR at home with Peer technology, which is also a use case for his app, allowing you to connect to the real world instead of an endless news feed.

Open SuperApp and take a look at the world. You can smoothly transition from map mode to augmented reality mode while walking.

All content will live on the Peer blockchain and will be linked to place, time and person. Your data will remain your data.

You will need its native token, Peer Metaverse Coin (PMC), to use the app, invite friends, and post content.

Superapp will use its high speed blockchain to allow you to have an encrypted version of your own data in order to maintain control over their information.

Peer creates a digital twin of the real world. By posting content in physical locations mapped and geolocated in the real world, you and other users can access the real world, find and interact with that content.

This makes social media a fun gamified element where people really move around. It is the result of combining the digital world with the physical world.

What makes peers special?

Peer does not compete with anyone because he builds his own vision that no one else has.

Today, the Internet is undergoing a revolution and is preparing to welcome a new convergent cycle. Feast just in time with a big idea. To date, the company has filed over 110 patents and raised over $17 million in private placements.

What’s cool is that Peer allows you to instantly travel to a real-life location or “teleport” anywhere in the world using its app.

Let’s say you want to see what’s going on in Central Park before the trip you’re planning to New York, you can digitally teleport there and see all the specials in the area within a radius of distance.

In addition, you can teleport to other important news events to see what’s happening now, what happened in the past, or what’s about to happen in the future.

Using your phone, watch, or augmented reality glasses, you can see content overlaid on top of the real world, whether you are there or not.

Peer can be seen to bring you into the real world by interacting with people and experiences.

Instead of being addicted to an endless news feed that makes you watch videos for hours but doesn’t actually go out and interact with the world, you will be able to reach out and touch the internet.

Peer: be ready

To create the next generation of the World Wide Web, Peer is building augmented reality on top of existing reality to bring people into the world through blockchains and augmented reality devices.

With Peer, people can enter the world of the metaverse to benefit from social content overlaid on the real world. To learn more about Peer – just click here!

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