Artifact Labs Partners With Iconic Hong Kong Brand GOD For NFT Launch And Hong Kong Heritage Experience

Artifact Labs Partners With Iconic Hong Kong Brand GOD For NFT Launch And Hong Kong Heritage Experience

HONG KONG, January 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Artifact Labs, a web company whose mission is to “preserve and unify history” on blockchain, today announced its partnership with Goods of Desire (GOD), a Hong Kong-based brand focused on cultural rebirth by reimagining traditions and creating brand new products.

“請: An Invitation” is hosted by Douglas Young, GOD and Artifact Labs.

Founded in 1996, GOD is a renowned brand with a unique heritage Hong Kong is a vibrant and vibrant city where East meets West, and centuries-old traditions meet cutting-edge technology. Known for its innovative designs, inspired by the distinctive aesthetics that characterize the city’s culture, GOD lifestyle products are sought after by Hong Kong residents and international consumers alike.

In 2023, Artifact Labs and GOD will present “請: The Invitation” (pronounced as cing2 in Cantonese), NFT project and community for rediscovery Hong Kong through exclusive and reality-bending events and encounters with the city’s most unique characters, while maintaining Hong Kong the most significant historical assets on the blockchain. Genesis collectors will be invited to a series of exciting experiences that will reveal the city’s vibrant history and culture authentically brought to life. Douglas YoungGOD and Artifact Labs.

Artifact Labs and GOD are determined to demonstrate the potential of web3 as a legacy platform by sharing Hong Kong the most famous metaverse stories. The partnership will also serve as an important project in Hong Kong striving to become a global center for virtual assets.

Commenting on the partnership, Artifact Labs founder and CEO, Gary Liu said: “We are honored to be GOD’s web3 partner and bring their iconic designs and archive Hong Kong artifacts in the blockchain. Fabric from Hong Kong perfect for metaverse-enabled storytelling, and we’re excited about this project’s connection between network assets and the IRL experience.”

Douglas Young, founder and creative force behind Goods of Desire shares this passion; “This is a great opportunity to keep Hong Kong culture in an innovative form. The Metaverse provides us with a limitless platform to further advance and shape the future experiences of these cultural heritage sites. We are confident that Artifact Labs is the ideal partner to help make this happen.”

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About the Artifact Lab

Artifact Labs is an independent web3 and NFT company developing blockchain strategies, products and platforms that serve historical IP organizations. The company aims to “preserve and connect history” on the blockchain and enable all history keepers to make the most of their most valuable assets. Artifact Labs is a one-stop solution for partners looking to build web3, providing support in the form of consulting, product development, blockchain development, and community management. All ARTIFACTs are linked through a proprietary metadata standard governed by the non-profit Artifact Association, allowing for verified authentication and global discovery of historical NFTs. Artifact Labs was originally created South China Morning Posta global news media company that has covered China for the world since 1903.


Founded in 1996, GOD is a traditional design and lifestyle brand that has grown from a small boutique in Ap Lei Chau to an iconic multifaceted international retailer. GOD Presents Hong Kong to an international audience, creating premium products with a distinct look and feel inspired by the city’s unique history and culture. GOD seeks to preserve and demonstrate Hong Kong a unique legacy through design and community initiatives as part of its mission to protect cultural entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

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