Anime NFT Project Sells Out in Seconds Despite Crypto Bear Market

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AUCLAND, NEW ZEALAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2022 / City of Zion is an emerging Web3 brand that sold out its first Zion GOLDPASS NFT collection in 54 seconds on November 13 at 18:00 UTC with huge demand for Marketplace XOXNO.

There are 777 GOLDPASS in total, and thousands of minters fought to get them first. The cost of GOLDPASS immediately doubled. Within a few hours, Zion climbed to sixth position on the “Most Traded in 7 Days” list on Marketplace XOXNO. According to an independent software analyzer moon crushZion has consistently been ranked #5 among the top weekly influencers on the Elrond blockchain (MultiversX).

Zion is yet to retire its “SOULZ of Zion” premium NFT collection between December 2022 and January 2023. GOLDPASS will act as the VIP whitelist equivalent for early access to SOULZ minting at a discounted price. Zion GOLDPASS also has its own staking pool coming in December where holders will be able to stake their GOLDPASS NFTs on a variety of Zion-branded merchandise and other merchandise.

Renzo, CEO of Zion, released a video in which he comments: “We are so grateful for our community and for the support we have received so far… We are totally excited, we are ecstatic, this is the middle of a bear market and we are making noise, we are bringing hype and awareness in the Elrond blockchain, we continue to build.”

Zion is an all-in-one brand for NFTs, streetwear, anime, and games that merges Web3 with Web2 and Web1. Zion is building a “Holy City” for its community on the Elrond blockchain, which recently made a splash in the crypto space with its global X-day event in Paris.

Zion City is known for its brand and slogans such as “Take the golden path”, “Victory always”, “Kill the bear, show no fear”, “IKUZO”, “Holy city”, “Show your soul”. and “RIVER”.

Zion World Building includes a new “ZEAL” food system for anime fans that was pre-announced in their official publication. Litepaper 1.0.

Zion is working full time on its ZEAL token, ZEALOUS BROTHERS anime, SOULZ collection and entry into the gaming market. The founders and employees have humbled themselves, and Zion looks set to stay, as seen in their Litepaper and roadmap.

The project is built on the Elrond network. It is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed applications, business use cases and the new internet economy. On the TwitterThe city of Zion has a sizable community of 13,000 followers.

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Media contacts:
Michael MJ
Co-founder and CEO

SOURCE: Zion Multiverse

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