American Animals – NFT’s Unique Fine Art Collection

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Spencer Reinhard is an artist whose story is recreated in the blockbuster American Animals. Now he releases the NFT collection in collaboration with Art NSDRS. Impressive choice of 10k fine art NFC includes some incredible reflective and colorful artwork. American Animals is effective November 22nd and collectors can use promo code DCEN to reserve their favorite art.

The pre-sale starts on December 1st with 500 NFTs at 0.8 ETH.

The presale starts on December 1st with 500 NFTs at 0.08 ETH.

500 NFTs will be available at the pre-sale event, which will take place from December 1st to 4th. Priced at 0.08 ETH, these NFTs come with great utility, including exclusive Art NSDRS membership and many other perks.

Spencer Reinhard – NFT American Animal Collection

Spencer Reinhard’s American Animals NFT Collection is a truly remarkable collection of fine art. It is a self-reflection with the themes of evolution, transformation and rehabilitation. American Animals offers a raw and colorful critique of the American dream.

Spencer Reinhard lived a life that Hollywood couldn’t create. Now, thanks to his collection of American animals, NFT owners will be able to own a part of this collection.

10,000 bird images and abstract paintings combine traditional and digital art forms. Each NFT is made using acrylic or ink and finely tuned using AI and digital tools. In addition, each NFT is unique and no more than 84 NFTs are based on the same design.

Image of american animals splashing in water
Fine Art NFTs have amazing utility and Art NSDRS membership.

How to get involved in this unique NFT art project

The artist worked with ART NSDRS, a digital media company in the San Francisco Bay Area, to create this unique project. This web company is committed to making the world a more positive place by using art and technology to make a difference.

Moreover, the American Animals NFT collection is not whitelisted and wants everyone to have the opportunity to collect these works of art.

On November 22, NFT collectors will be able to browse and select their favorite NFTs on The open sea. During this time, those interested can request an NFT Fine Art reserve listing for 0.08 ETH using promo code DCEN.

The reservation process takes place on the official Art NSDRS Discord Channel Server Reserved-Listings. This will allow NFT art collectors to join the 500 NFT presale via OpenSea from December 1st to 4th.

colorful images depicting birds
The NFTs offer a colorful and raw critique of the “American Dream”.

The American Animals NFT project has great utility.

Along with incredible fine art, NFTs will provide holders with tremendous utility. NFT holders will receive Art NSDRS membership. Notably, this provides access to upcoming NFT fine art collections, airdrops, private viewings, events, reserve listings, metaverse projects, and more.

Each American Animals NFT also comes with unlockable content. This includes an intimate eight-minute video by Spencer Reinhard. The artist talks about his work, fascinating life and NFT collection in this video interview. Plus, it offers a really deep element of NFT art, adding extra human layers to an exciting collection.

Visitors to Art Basel Miami Beach can also check out the fascinating American Animals AR exhibit from December 1-3.

Colorful image of american animals
Spencer Reinhard created the unique NFT Fine Art Collection in collaboration with Art NSDRS.

What’s next for Art NSDRS?

Art NSDRS collaborates with prominent artists such as Spencer Reinhard for his NFT fine art collection. There are also some fascinating collections in the works with famous artists like Santiago Cardenas, Ryszard Vasco and Sergio Arau.

Remember, starting November 22, NFT collectors can browse and select their favorite American Animals NFTs. Finally, the reservation process is simple and 500 NFTs are available in the pre-sale starting December 1st! You can find out more through Instagram as well as Twitter.

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